My new caller = a welcum addition to my sex slave stories.

Who doesn’t love sex slave stories? I always get excited when someone calls my sex hotline after reading (and being aroused by) about my interest in prisoner / captive fetish phone sex. It happened again one late night last week, much to my (sadistic) delight . . .

We started our roleplay: he had been locked in his cage all day, waiting for me to come home. Part of the fun of being my sex slave / caged prisoner was not knowing WHAT to expect. That feeling of powerlessness and being in utterly vulnerable suspense made his cock throb.

Before we’d begun the roleplay, my new caller had asked if I could force him to eat my creampie behind bars. I was going to do MUCH worse than that!

“Ready to meet my real boyfriend?” I sneered at him, using his cage as a footrest for one of my tall black stilettos.

I opened the door to reveal the pull of his forced cuckold phone sex dreams. My visitor bent me over the cage bars, ripped down my pants and his. We started to fuck on top of the bars, right over my new caller’s open mouth.

“Lick my pussy while he fucks me!” I demanded. My obedient captive scrambled to do my bidding. I couldn’t help but laugh as I felt his tongue frantically lick and suck!

Just as our visitor was about to cum, I surprised my captive with something even fresher than a creampie. I forced him to suck my boyfriend’s cock, swallow it straight from the source . . .

Do you want to be the newest addition to my sex slave stories? You know what to do. . . give me a call for some taboo adult chat! I’m right here, waiting to enslave you.

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