There are some sex slave stories of me selling my high school enemies to other men.

I had many connections, which made my sex slave stories easy to achieve. I told my friend Steven that I’d help him get her if he promised to fuck up her world. It was a small school, so there were no cameras or anything. We waited for her to walk out and Steven covered her mouth. We yanked her into the car while she kicked and thrashed.

She had no idea what was coming. One clean punch and she was out. He handcuffed her to a pipe in his unfinished basement and let me watch as he injected her with heroin. Boy did she put up a fight when he did that, afterward though, she chilled the fuck out. Steven unbuttoned his pants and pulled his boxers down. She looked scared but too fucked up to do anything about it.

After ripping off all of her clothes, he lifted her legs and forced his cock inside of her.

She made some sort of groaning sound of protest. Then he fucked her as hard as he could for 20 minutes. Pulling open her ass cheeks, he pressed it into her asshole. That one she screamed for. It took at least 5 minutes just to get it into her squirming body. I had to hold her legs for him at one point.

He smacked her face a couple of times too, just for my amusement. He told me that he would give me 5 percent of all of the profit when other guys fucked her, and I told him to sell her for cheap. We left the basement and locked the door. She was going to get wrecked. Maybe he’d let her go when she was all broken and torn. Want taboo phonesex? Read some more of my blogs!

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