I Had A Dream About Being A Sex SlaveDana loves sex slave stories

On Halloween I was watching several movies on t.v. Plenty of fantasy sex stories.  One was set at a brothel, and I had a dream that I was working there against my will.  Sex slave stories often happen at a brothel, and I was made to see multiple men a day.  Most were just average looking.  Some were very odd and you could clearly see why they had to pay for it. I didn’t have any choice in the matter though. So I had to make the most of it. I was sucking cocks day and night, getting fucked, getting used, called names.  They couldn’t call their wives these degrading names, but they sure could call me them since they were paying.

We Were Expected To Do All Kinds Of Sex Acts

I was getting used to just being passed around and treated like some kind of sex toy, one that lived and breathed.We were being used to  be spanked and to orally please these men over every part of their bodies. We were sometimes bound to the bed. We were sometimes used with groups of other girls to pleasure them. I wondered how long I would be held there, but I didn’t know. Some girls said ones were there a few months, others several years. This one client though I really liked, so I looked forward to his visits. He’s one of these men that told me his pleasure is in giving a woman pleasure.  So he would try his damnedest to get me to cum, and he always was able to. He was just good in bed, it wasn’t difficult.

Some Of The Tricks Could Be Pretty Raunchy

I would just close my eyes when it was the other clients and try and think it was him that was fucking me. I imagined it was him stretching my pussy with his large cock, making me swallow his load.  And I did a pretty good job and seemed to be pretty popular with the clients in this brothel. Sex slave stories can be fun if they are being a slave for someone you desire.  But it could be mundane, just going though the motions, or horrible,  Some of the tricks  could be pretty raunchy.

I Had My Favorite Client

When my favorite client would come, I would get down on my knees when I know he’d be walking through the door any minute.  I’d have my mouth open waiting for him, and as soon as he’d walk in the door.  He’d get his dick out and have me kiss it and then suck it, before pounding my pussy. I loved the way he fucked me, teasingly at first, then building up speed and really pounding me hard and fast until I’d cum on his cock, and then he’d have me lick it off.


The other visitors to the brothel were alright for the most part .   I did my best to service them as fast as I could to get back to thinking about my favorite client. And  I was there a few months, and there were many sex slave stories going on with the other girls kept there, but I do think back on my  nasty Halloween dream when I masturbate even now. I never saw any of those clients again after I left the brothel, but I will always think of that one, he was a good fuck, and I loved it when he did it to me.

Sexy Lil Dana

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