Gather round your phone receivers, it’s time for more sex slave stories.

One of the most (if not the most) compelling sex slave stories I’ve ever heard: the tale of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist. Have you heard of him? You really should. His work (and pain threshold) are inspiring on pretty much every level: creative, political, and perverted!

Here’s an excerpt from one of the many songs he wrote about his unique condition/affliction(s), which plays towards the beginning of his autobiographical film, Sick:

“Supermasochistic Bob Has Cystic Fibrosis” (to the tune of “Superfragilisticexpealidocious”)

When he was born the doctors said he had this bad disease

It gave him awful stomach aches and made him cough and wheeze

Any normal person would have buckled from the pain

But Super Bob got twisted, now he’s into whips and chains

Forty years have come and gone and Bob is still around

He’s tied up by his ankles and he’s hanging upside down

A lifetime of infection and his lungs all filled with phlegm

The CF would have killed him if it weren’t for S & M

Bob Flanagan eventually died from cystic fibrosis. The fatal effects of the disease mean a much shorter life expectancy. However, Flanagan credits SM (sadomasochism) for his lengthened years. Most people with CF don’t live ’til their thirties, but he died at 43. In one of the film’s last scenes, his partner holds up the liquid that filled his lungs.

Flanagan spent a lot of his childhood in the hospital. During this time, staff frequently restrained him in a bed during his treatments and testing. And when the CF would give him stomach aches, he would alleviate his pain by giving himself an orgasm.

Sensory deprivation + inaugural jerkoffs = a slave is born.

As he got older and his pain threshold increased/his desires became more “perverse,” he began to experiment with auto-erotic CBT and bondage. In high school, he’d spend Friday nights hanging himself in his bedroom closet!

But wasn’t auto-erotic CBT for all Flanagan’s life, either. The slave contract he signed (and lived, and died) with his long-term partner, Sheree Rose was the stuff fetish phonesex dreams are made of. Their love story warms my cold heart, as they really were at each other’s side “’til death do us part.”

Something else that makes Flanagan unique as a submissive (besides being deeply witty) is his in-touch-ness with death. Having a terminal diagnosis you’ve long ago outlived, apparently, gives a person a different (and in Flanagan’s case, more perverted) sense of “carpe diem.”

Anyway, sex slave stories like Supermasochist Bob Flanagan inspire my cruel, dark femdom phonesex loving heart. I really admire him. I’d even consider him a role model. His politics turn me on!

What “sick” stuff turns you on? What inspires your submissive yearnings? Come to tell me. I’m right here, waiting for your call! Mention “SICK” or this blog when you set up our chat for 5 free minutes with your call.