Sensory deprivation during foreplay and sex can heighten the intensity for your partner.

I’ve written about my penchant for sensory deprivation before. Erotic asphyxiation is just one of the many ways (and senses) I love having my senses “deprived” during sex. Personally I would consider it less deprivation and more intensification.

There’s probably more than one everyday household item you already have lying around that could make a pretty functional (and fun) bondage restraint. Belts, clothes (maybe something you don’t mind getting ripped) sheets or blankets can all be transformed into the perfect tool for tying up your partner. You don’t have to buy fancy expensive bondage rope from a sex shop — you can make your own in the (perverted) comforted of your own home!

One of my hottest memories from the bedroom fun I used to have with my ex-boyfriend is the time he suddenly whipped his sheet off the bed and told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next . . . and that really turned me on.

He grabbed my wrists roughly and forced them together. I could feel him twisting the sheet but was in such a state of heightened arousal, it still didn’t click that he was about to use that makeshift rope to bind my pretty, delicate wrists together. He always had a way of “manhandling” me that drove me crazy, but the feeling of losing control and complete submission I felt as he wrapped the knot tight, securing me . . . that was next level.

He flipped me on my back and started eating my pussy, instructing me not to move or flail around . . . which was even harder than usual because of no longer having the ability to move my arms, to clutch the sheets with my fingers like I usually did. Was he going to use me as a human ashtray? Something worse?

I had NO control.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke