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The best phone sex is with me, adult sex stories that turn you on. I create such lust because I love being a submissive kitten. Having an owner that likes to take care of me in every way is awesome. I love it when he treats me as if we were in sex slave stories porn. When a man stretches my tiny pussy with his hard cock, making me feel that painful pleasure till we both cum. And how I love the feel of a man’s fingers as they are digging into me, marking my body as his territory.

I also love being the owner of a lovely female sex slave. I love how she worships my body and jumps and runs to fulfill my tiniest whim. My lord when she sucks my clit from underneath me as a man fucks me from behind. I so adore having my little slave. When she is very good I will even clip on her nipple clamps, and put the butt plug with a furry cats tail in her ass. Then I will nibble her clit until she cums… then spank her ass and thighs for cumming without permission. LOL, after I have made her cum 3 more times without her asking permission, which is when I will spank her until she cries and begs forgiveness.

Of course, then I will climb in a hot bubble bath with her. Afterwards, I will message her body ease her pain with laughter and love. Maybe even have sex while on the phone.

I miss having dominion over a masculine soul.

It has been years since I had new sex slave stories about a male slave. Taking a male and forcing him to be my dirty little girl. To make a man dress as a slut is so erotic to me. Taking him out and forcing him to accept any cock I want to. For the men to cum in him, turning him into being my cum dump. I want to talk to me phone sex with my slaves participating.  I love to use my Strapon on my girls, but I miss using one on a male sex slave.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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