Adult sex stories ~ will cause you to cum every time

True adult sex stories are erotic sex stories and that is why the best phone sex is with me. I had a client send me an email with a story of what he pictures happen with me. He does know what I like and how detailed we get when we are having sex while on the phone. I thought I would share it with you.

As I walk to the bed room from the shower with just a towel, still dripping wet. I see you with your soft skin. Looking into your eyes from across the room I drop the towel.

I lean across the bed my hands rub your back and neck. Then I softly kiss your cheek, moving my rough hands down your back, rubbing your sides.  I kiss and nibble your shoulders. I grab the oil from the table. Then I run warm oil down your back. I do slowly, around and around in widening circles until I can massage the oil into your ass.

Adult sex stories ~

I spread your cheeks open and I run my hands around down your inner legs. Then I tease your wet pussy lips with my forearms as I rub the oil between your legs. When I roll you over I see your mouth, those luscious red wet lips. I lean into kiss your lips. As I kiss your face I am playing with your boobs. I move my hands over your breasts kissing you deeper. I feel your hot tongue against mine licking at it deeply.

While I nibble your lower lip my hand slides between your hips, my cock throbs and your hand claws my shoulder blade.  I smile. I slide that hot pussy over top of me. My hands straddle your waist as I settle you over my cock. Your hot wet pussy lips touch the head my cock.

It throbs as I look in your eyes. I feel the stretching of your pussy as you slide down onto my cock. I sit up sliding my face between your boobs. Licking your nipples as your pussy juice drips on my balls I start to glide in and out. My cock slapping in your juicy pussy, my cock throbs in your hot box.

Adult sex stories ~

I pound my balls against your wet lips with every stroke. Your nails dig in, “mmmm fuck your naughty”. I love it how your nails dig in. You moan. I lay down to let you watch as my shaft glistens with pussy juice. Sitting up I nibble those nipples.

I think “You’re so fucking hot” as I pull out of your tight pussy to rub my cock between beautiful breasts. They are so soft just the thought of it makes my cock throbs. I lay you down and straddle your ribs. I catch my dick between your bountiful boobs, slowly fucking them. As you lick the tip of my cock as it strokes. I feel your nipples tease my dick.

“Ahhh yes”

After a few minutes, I feel the need to cum build in my balls so I slide down your body and start eating your pussy. Taking long deep licks up between your pussy lips. Grabbing your hands I suck your clit pulling you closer. I taste your juices flooding my since‘s, I cannot wait any longer. I need to ravage you. Mark you in the most tenderly passionate ways.

I move up. Kneeling between your legs I ease my cock into your tight little pussy. I lift your legs up to my shoulders. With my hands under your shoulders, I start kissing you, as I stroke my cock in. I start pounding my cock into you.

Adult sex stories ~

“Dawn, you’re so naughty. I love your cum on my cock I bet you want to suck it all that cum off my cock.” The cock that plunges in your pussy. Your hot tight wet fucking pussy clenches on my cock, my balls slapping your asshole, as you bite my hand muffling your scream. “Fuck yes I love that clenching pussy surrounding around my fucking cock. You take it you MILF, you dirty MILF. I love fucking you. Making you Cum… YES .. ahh you want to taste your cum? Yes, I’ll let you suck my cock” I say as I look in your eyes. I pull out and lay back so you can reach my cock.

You crawl down to my dick and as you lick my shaft you look so hot, licking your hot cum off my cock, as you massage my balls. “Mmm yes, Dawn, Ahh!!! that hot tongue swirling around my cock head ahh. Now you need to be bent over fed this cock from behind …”

As you raise your ass is in the air I rub oil on your cheeks, licking your hot tangy pussy, feeling my hands spread your cheeks apart. I slide my hard throbbing cock in stroking in balls deep. I grab your shoulders to take deep strokes in that hot pussy. Moving my hand down to your ass I spank it as your cum runs down my balls. “Fuck yes” I pound your pussy fast and deep.

Adult sex stories ~

I am ready to fill you with my hot load of cum. I know you want it. Your pussy throbs squeezing my cock tight milking it as you cum again. Over and over clenching around my cock as I smile at you, spanking that ass, you thrust back on my dick.

“Uhuh mmm, baby, you’re hot as fuck, I love it, Fuck that dick. Ride it. It’s your dick, cum all over it, ride until you get your wet load. Fuck yes take it, take that cock. Before I tie you up and pound that wet box, till I blow. Ahhh yes!!!!! Mmmm” I blow in that juicy pussy. ”Ahhh you dirty MILF so fucking”

I hope this helps you cum hehehe


Yep lol I do love my callers… at least one knows how I love to be treated. And this is how to have phone sex LOADS of details lol

Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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