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The best phone sex sites for MILF Phone Sex or any phone sex short stories is always Phonesex Kingdom.  And the best is with me. I will give you a clue about being with a woman like me… We need sex. The fact is we need sex in all its flavors and styles. My own personal needs comprise of having cum in me.

Depending on the mood is whether I desire that luscious feel of cum on my tongue or forced down my throat. OR what I need right now, a deep creampie that just might impregnate me. Lord above the stories I have lol but honey…

I cannot imagine being a guy and only being able to cum once during sex. It must be similar to what I GO THROUGH WHEN I GIVE A BLOWJOB.

You {mostly} unlucky males… not being able to cum over and over in one sexual encounter. I feel so sorry for you guys sometimes. I have so many different ways OF cumming that it’s unimaginable to cum like a male. Occasionally I will have the normal female orgasm. BUT even then it’s more likely to have a female ejaculation “squirting” to the point I soak the sheets/ floor. Or, in one giant wave that never crashes, called multiple orgasms, that lasts for up to 20 minutes… like a machine gun, quick and fast bursts of intense pleasure that sweeps through my body in waves.

I am at my sexual peak and ALWAYS horny. LOL Always willing to tell you HOW I fulfill my needs. I love sharing my sexual encounters with my clients.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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