Sex literally takes up 90% of my life and I’ve never been happier!

Dear Pervs, let’s not put on airs. I know – when you aren’t thinking about sex, you probably aren’t thinking about me. Well, minus a few of you. The feeling is mutual. But if you are anything like me, you think about sex every single day! I’m sure anything can get you going. A certain smell, your waitress at lunch, a distant sound that has nothing to do with sex. I’m here to tell you yes, you are a dirty pervert. But I understand.

Even when I least expect to, I’m thinking about sex.

It doesn’t seem to matter where the I am. Some mundane thing will trigger this animal impulse in me and all of a sudden, I’m scheming my way to some dick. Sometimes I’m at the gym, looking at a hot guy that’s working out and think just a little naughty thought – “He’s hot, but I wonder if he’d eat my ass“. You know the situation. It makes things a little awkward when I get carried away and all of a sudden I’m thinking, doing, saying something that reveals what a slut I am. God damn it.

You guys like that about me though, don’t you?

If you were to look over, see a hot girl checking you out and “accidentally” show you her ripe little camel toe or hard nipples your day would be made. You perverts and me, we’re the same nasty tribe. I’m sure your thoughts would automatically go to how hot it would be to taste my wet spot. I guess that’s just to be expected with you (fellow) depraved, perverted fuckers.

Nothing escapes your mind without sex being part of it.

I understand. I know for a fact that you see an ugly woman and think of hot ways you could fuck her. Don’t worry though, I’m not judging you. I’m not ugly but I can roleplay an ugly girl.  Give me a call and we can talk about all of the times you thought about sex today. Let’s have some PhoneSex with some of the scenarios either you or I have thought of being in. Sound yummy?