Sex Safari excursion leads to the hottest affair in many lifetimes.

A Sex Safari sounds like something from a movie, but I became the star of my own story on vacation. Meeting new people does excite me, and the thrill of meeting a beautiful man brings out my inner hunter. Using techniques like smiling with my eyes while scrunching my nose. It may sound like a cheap subtle trick, but it works. The sounds of the jungle in a constant state of inspiring dangerous sex between members of the crew and the tour group. The carnal behavior was sure to surface and take over by nightfall.

I could hear several people moaning and grunting from a couple of tents down from my own. The volume of the sex seemed to increase when the jungle got louder with its nightly appetite. I began getting very wet without even touching myself. Feeling the tingles inside of my jealous pussy made me want to seek a thick cock to satisfy my own cravings. Fresh air would settle my lust, at least for the night. But when I got up to leave my tent the safari leader was right at my zipped door.

Looking up I was drawn into his incredible alpha eyes. I swear I became weak in the knees and wanted nothing more than cock sucking playtime. It was like having his dick inside of me was all that mattered, because I was under the spell of the jungle. Becoming a lioness I pounced my prey and dragged him into my tent. Ripping and clawed at his clothes until I had his naked flesh under my starving body. Slipping his thick cock deep into my throat I heard the cries of the jungle once again. Coming from inside my own tent his whales echoed throughout our camp.

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