Best Sex Positions you can use to make my pussy purr.

Having incredible sex means changing familiar things up just a little from time to time. Swinging from the chandelier isn’t necessarily what I need to experience the Best Sex Positions. Enjoying your body to the fullest is really what it takes to keep me interested. Going into a sexual encounter with you is always exciting. Knowing down into my core that my pussy is going to get everything it desires. Feeling tender and sore from the deep penetrating stretching it just received. Leaving me to tremble and contact until I drift into sleep.

Bending me over on all fours with my ass spreading apart and arched up is a perfect position to fuck me in. Hot Phone Sex comes in many forms, but there are a few tried and true ways to blow my mind. Sliding your hand down my back and gripping onto my hips before pulling me back over your dick. Telling me how juicy my ass looks from behind like this, and then grabbing it hard. Shaking my ass a bit like a naughty jiggle never hurt.

Taking that hot doggie style into a very naughty run into Anal Phonesex is a win for my body too. Scooting my ass to the edge of the bed where we can really tilt my pelvic bone up give easy entrance. Loving the push and pull of your dick when it slides into my ass drives me wild. Moaning and screaming out is a tale tell signs that the position is working well. Completing the list has to end with cowgirl for me. Working your cock from the driver’s seat is my favorite thing. Bouncing and grinding to the speed I want, and the rhythm my body craves. Watching your expressions and responses to my moves and grip is the ultimate.


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