.Sex roles reversed, time for a change.

Sex roles reversed, let’s see how these husbands can handle their new sex lives. We will start with Barb and Shawn. Shawn has everything planned and neat and clean when it comes to sex. Barb is used to just bending over whenever her husband wants. There is nothing that is planned or no prep. No showers, no perfume, no good smelling lotion. She never wears and cute lingerie.

Shawn is not sure how this is going to work out.

He knows that there are times he is horny and wants to have sex but he and Tamika didn’t plan it into the day. Knowing there was no time for a shower and preparation time before sex he just suffered through the day.

Now the sex roles are reversed.

Barb told him that he does not have to live like that. Asking him if he was ready to have sex now he was a little concerned with the no hygiene prep time. Taking his hand and leading him into the bedroom he was so nervous. The kids were home and downstairs, little did he know that Barb and Ralph would fuck with the kids in the next room. As they entered the bedroom she told him that he is to order her to drop her pants and bend over the bed, walk up to her and enter her from behind. He is to fuck her pussy as he owns it because he does.

Feeling uncomfortable with this, he has never talked to a woman like that before. He was not raised like that.

The first time didn’t go as well as it should have Shawn was so nervous he had a hard time staying hard. He is still not sure about the sex roles reversed situation. Being very apologetic he told her that he has never done anything like that and she understood. Barb mentioned that maybe it was because it wasn’t on his terms. The next day he was so horny from the blue balls that he acquired the day before so he decided to give it another go. He went into the kitchen where she was and made a grabbed a snack for the kids, looked at Barb and told her to go into the bedroom and get naked while he got the kids a snack.

Being the good wife that she always is.

Walking into the room and dropping his pants He grabbed her hips and rammed his hard cock deep inside of her, he fucked her hard until he was ready to explode. Pulling his cock out he moaned as she shot that white creamy cum all over her ass. Shawn did like the idea of wham-bam sex and the sex roles reversed now.

Now we move on to the house of Tamika and Ralph.

Sex roles reversed in this family is going to be a little rough. Ralph is always used to getting sex when he wants. A random Tuesday afternoon and he is horny bam he has sex. Now he has to plan it and prepare for it. He is not happy about this. As he got out of the shower he thought this is the stupidest thing ever.  He is hard and ready and Tamika is not.

Now laying and bed and frustrated he is ready to give up and just jack off because it will be faster and less complicated.

At that moment Tamika enters the bedroom and drops her silky robe to the ground. Standing there in a white lace teddy with it clinging to every curve she has. Walking towards the bed Ralph now understands the saying good things come to those who wait. Tamika got on her hands and knees arching her back as she leans over and takes his cock in her mouth. Sucking up and down making him big and hard. Moving her way up his body she now jiggles her titties in his face then turns her body around so now they are in the 69 position.

This is all new to Ralph and he kinda likes it, he and Barb never have foreplay.

Tamika knows how to handle his dick. These couples have has their sex roles reversed and learned new things. Maybe they will incorporate new ideas into their own sex life. Sex with a stranger may have just worked for these two couples. Check out my other blogs by going to my web page on phone sex kingdom. Once you are there click on the erotic sex stories tab. Then call me.

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