Sex with a stranger is about to go down for these two couples.

Sex with a stranger, how did this happen? It started with the application of XXX wife swap, These couples Shawn and Tamika along with Ralph and Barb are going to swap for 2 weeks. Ralph and Shawn will be swapping Barb and Tamika for 2 weeks for sex with a stranger. They have never met and when the wives arrive at the other man’s house they will be alone.

Tamika arrives at the house of Ralph and Barb as the look of fright comes over her.

She has tears in her eyes as she walks up to a small trailer. Walking in the trailer is cluttered and dirty. She walks into the master bedroom and is horrified as she scans the room. The bed is not made and there are clothes everywhere.

As Barb pulls up to Shawns house her reaction was a lot different.

She had a smile from ear to ear. Thinking she won the jackpot and is going to live in luxury for the next 2 weeks. Walking in she noticed everything has a place and every place is sparkly and shiny. Opening the dresser drawers everything is all nice and folded. Tamika had a whole drawer full of sexy teddys and inquire. Barb has never worn anything like that and swears she never would.

Now is the time for the husbands to arrive home and let their new wives know the routine they do.

Sex with a stranger is about to get ugly. Tamika is not happy as Ralph explains to her that whenever and wherever they are and he wants sex. She is not ok with this, He has no rules or requests when they want sex they get sex. If Tamika is in the middle of doing dishes and Ralph wants sex then she is to follow him to the bedroom and have sex with her husband. He had to have sex now.

Tamika began to tear up as she thought about herself laying on that dirty nasty bed.

Once they entered the bedroom he ordered her to drop her pants and panties to her knees and bend over the bed. doing as she was to do, she has sex with a stranger. Wham bam thank you ma’am sex just

Now on to the other house.

Shawn entered the house and kissed Barb on the cheek and welcomed her to his house. Showing her around she knew she was going to like the next couple of weeks of sex with a stranger. Shawn explained to Barb that they plan all of the sex they will have. As they planned for tonight he informed her of his wife’s normal routine. On the night of sex, they together will pick out a sexy outfit for her to wear. After deciding on what she will wear she then goes into the bathroom and showers and shaves everything from the neck down.

A curious Barb has to ask what that means by shaving everything from the neck down.

Shawn knew at that moment that this girl has probably never owned a razor in her life. He was right. She shaves nothing. At this point, she was ready to try anything because that was what she signed up for. Sex with a stranger to bring new and exciting thongs to her life. Barb has always had sex but never made love. Having long passionate sensual sex will be a first for her. She was very uncomfortable about her appearance at first as she stepped out of the bedroom in a pale pink teddy. As she looked over as Shawn was laying on the bed stroking his hard cock she knew that he wasn’t disappointed.

Sex with a stranger may work out better this week for Barb and Shawn than it is for Tamika and Ralph.

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