Now, I’m not talking about the drink, but that’s pretty delicious too! I’m talking about getting naughty in the sand… sex on the beach! Our bodies are all greasy with tanning oil and the sun shining on our naked bodies. There is something so sexy about being pummeled in the sand, getting in all the crevices you didn’t even know existed…

I was in a delicious state of bliss. The sun, high in the sky, my body glistening from my tanning oil spread across my naked skin. I was hot, sticky, and suspended from reality. Squinting up at the sky, all I could see was the endless reflection of the ocean. Closing my eyes against the glare of the sun, I sighed with contentment. My ears were filled with the sound of the ocean waves, the beach was practically empty and I was relaxing in solitude. I trailed a hand in the sand at my side, the fine hot grains slipping through my fingers like silk. I felt as if I was floating, all the stresses and strains of real life a distant memory here on this island in the Caribbean Sea. Noticing that there isn’t anyone around, I remove my bikini so I can get a full body tan. I find myself falling into a nap….


sex on the beach

I’m suddenly woken up by a volleyball landing in my lap. I was startled at first so I began to look around to see who had tossed this ball my way. Across the beach I saw a group of guys playing a vigorous game of volleyball. I’m finding myself wet, but not in the way you would be wet when on the beach. I see one of the nude guys running towards me, his member swinging back and forth so enticing to my eyes. As he approaches me I tighten my grip on the volleyball. “Looks like you have a good grip on that ball, do you think I could have it back?” he says. I reply flirtatious, “What’s in it for me?” He responds quickly with, “Do you like Sex on the Beach?” I giggle and say “Of course I do…” He starts to walk away as he tells me he will get me a drink, and I laugh asking him “Did you want sex on the beach?” Frozen in his tracks, feet planted in the sand… he turns back to me and replies “Right here, right now?”

As he falls to his knees with his face landing between my legs, I grab the back of his head and slam it on my wet pussy. He’s eating my pussy wildly on this beautiful beach, not worried about his game of volleyball. Fucking my pussy with his tongue while flicking my hard clit with his thumb, I’m moaning and digging my feet deep into the sand. I can feel  my body reaching that moment of climax, my pelvis tightening, my back arching, my entire body quivering when he suddenly stops and forcefully grabs me by my hips and flips my body. I’m ass up, face against the sand when he enters me from behind. Ramming his body hard against my ass cheeks, pounding me hard on the beach. My titties bouncing, and his hard cock throbbing inside me. Every inch of his erection deep inside my hole, trying not to scream out loud his hands move to my head and pull my hair tight…

This is my idea of sex on the beach… how would you finish me off? hehe

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