Sex on the Beach is So Hot, Fun, and Naughty!

Sex on the beach–Yes I was horny, thanks for asking! I was wearing my hottest pink bikini and lounging on the beach in the sand. And right now I’ll tell you a secret–my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet! My nipples were standing up at attention, just waiting to be licked and sucked and fondled.

There was one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about–sex on the beach! Yes, it’s true, I was fantasizing about some big strong man ravishing me on the beach. Just picking me up off the sand and making me his. Then I would have the biggest orgasm of my life as he sprayed my sweet Sadie pussy with cum! Oooh it would be magical.

A Sex on the Beach Fantasy

The fantasy was overtaking me so much that I found my head lolling back and my tongue sticking out of my lips. Those sweet lips that I had carefully dressed with shiny lipgloss to lure a horny male.

I couldn’t help myself! So anyone watching me right now would find me stretching and writhing around on the hot sand, just waiting to be noticed and taken away or ravished right there for some sex on the beach!

I’ll Give It Up

If you saw me there, you would know I was so ready to give it up. Give up what? The pussy of course! Well actually I didn’t care which hole he used, this fantasy man. So he could have taken over and used all my sweet little holes! What would you do with them if you had those filthy holes?

I was so out of control that I actually started stroking and rubbing my huge mommy milkers. Then I let my hand slide between my juicy thighs, thinking all about sex on the beach. Yes it’s true I could hardly control myself or think about anything else. That’s just how horny I was! And I was hoping there was someone on the beach just as horny as me!

Sex on the Beach Overcomes Me

It was all I could think about and so I didn’t notice when three big and muscular college guys came up and surrounded me. And these men were watching me touch myself when I heard a deeper masculine voice. It was their father, and he came up to watch me too. His salt and pepper beard and tan barrel chest turned me on, and I let myself lose control and just rub my clit and lick my own tits.

Then Daddy pulled his big dick out, and all the college boys did the same. Until one of them reached down and pulled off my little pink bikini so I was writhing naked there in the sand, all primed and wet and ready for some sex on the beach! Would you like to know what happens next?

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