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Huge Mommy milkers–Sadie had big tatas that everyone noticed. She liked using whips and chains, but she also had a nurturing side. Her big milky titties made everyone’s mouth water. Sadie loved popping out her huge tits at every occasion she could, pretending it was a wardrobe malfunction. There was nothing Sadie loved more than showing off her body. It was so beautiful and hot, who could blame her?

Everyone around her loved it too. Most men and boys couldn’t help themselves. So they just latched on to her huge mommy milkers. Then Sadie’s cries of pleasure would light up the air. Men and boys were so attracted to her that they couldn’t help themselves. So then their dicks would get hard and they would have to stroke them.

Huge Mommy Milkers in the Feeding Pen

Sadie was such a big slut, she would just lick her lips and beckon with her finger. Then the men would come over, and she would suck them off while they sucked her big titties. Do you like big pink nipples?

I know her fans did. Because they couldn’t get enough of her yummy huge mommy milkers. And Sadie even insisted that they call her Mommy! Well, the men loved that, and forever more she was Mommy Sadie. That was truly her calling in life.

Yummy Milk For You

Sadie loved a good long nursing session, and so did her many male fans. They would stand in line to get one taste of that sweet warm milk squirting in their faces. Because there’s nothing the men wouldn’t do to get close to Mommy Sadie’s wonderful yummy tits. They are so bouncy and firm!

It really stimulated her to have so many mouths on her nipples. So much so that her huge mommy milkers would vibrate with pleasure and send happy shivers through her whole body.  Sadie really got a lot of pleasure out of that particular part of her body. Honestly, it would make her pussy tingle and gush too.

Huge Mommy Milkers in Your Mouth

Some of the guys stimulated Sadie’s clit while others fed on her sweet nipple milk. They took turns and rotated and focused completely on worshipping this maternal goddess. I mean, let’s be real, who hasn’t sniffed mommy’s panties at least once in his life?

I’m pretty sure every man and boy has taken a secret sniff and longed to suck on those huge mommy milkers at some point in his life. He may have even done it if mommy was a huge slut like Sadie. More mommies should be like Sadie, don’t you think? Then there would be no shortage of warm delicious tit milk to go around. What would you do for just one taste, and how would you make Sadie feel so good that she would want to give it to you again and again?

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