The sex offender registry is short a name.  Yours, you sick fuck.

You belong on the sex offender registry.  I know it’s tough.  We all have urges, trust me.  Sometimes, we want things we shouldn’t.  Sometimes, we have to take what we truly want.  Obviously, I don’t mind falling prey to forced sex.  In fact, I love it, but those sex offenders don’t need to know that.

Maybe you just can’t resist that woman with that short skirt and long silky legs in the park. Seeing her bend over to adjust the strap on her high heeled shoes drives you crazy.  The way her legs move under that skirt makes you just want to force your way between them.  How could you resist a woman dressed like that?  She’s practically begging for it.  You have to take her right then and there.

Maybe it’s the girl at the bar who laughed in your face when you offered to buy her a drink.  Well, that was rude.  Obviously, you were just trying to be nice and she just laughed.  Girls like that need to be taught a lesson about what happens when you’re rude to the wrong person.  Then, teach that bitch a lesson she isn’t ever going to forget.

Maybe your tastes are a little more taboo.  Maybe it’s the young unspoiled flower that has caught your eye.  I get that too.  She radiates purity and innocence.  How could anyone expect you to not take advantage of her naivety?  Obviously, I don’t judge.  In fact, I’d love to help you lure that tiny tight little body into your den of depravity.  Show her what a man is capable of.

Do you belong on the sex offender registry?  I think you do, and you should call my phone sex number, so we can have some ultra taboo fun. 

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