My little date in the park ends with forced sex at the police station.  You know You want to hear the rest of this story

You’ve heard the beginning earlier this week, and now you’re going to learn how a relatively innocent misunderstanding led to some of the hottest forced sex I could have dreamed of.  If you haven’t read part one check out the lead up to some hot sex in the police station after they brought me in.

My stomach was in my throat as he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face down into the table. He kicked my bare feet apart with his boot.  Then, he pushed my skirt up over my ass exposing my sheer pink panties. My legs were trembling as he tucked a finger inside the damp crotch of my panties and pulled them to the side.

He took his finger and ran it from my throbbing clit and circling around my helplessly horny pussy. I could feel myself getting even wetter as he teased my little fuck hole. He allowed a small groan to escape his lips as he slid a finger inside me.

My face still being pushed into the table.  I could hear him behind me quickly unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly. And then, he was in me, filling me. His cock felt thick and warm stretching me out so suddenly. I’m sure I was crying out in pleasure but I could think of nothing but his fat dick pumping in and out of my horny little twat.

Wet noises, moans and grunts bounced off the walls of the empty room

He ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my head back. Then, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “You’re too tight to be a whore, but I’m going to treat you like one anyway. The only difference is you’re going to walk out of here tonight”

He picked up his pace and pulled harder on my hair. I could feel an orgasm building deep inside me. Then, he pumped his thick cock into me deeper and I could feel his cum filling me up. ripping out around him. That hot spunk coating my insides sent my pussy into a frenzy.  I began cumming around his ejaculating rod, pushing more of his cream out to dribble and ooze down my thigh.

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