The Virgin At The Book Club

A friend of mine had joined a book club a few months before and was always raving about it. And asking me to come join her. They read one book a month and met in the library one evening each month to discuss it.And  It usually ran a few hours, as people talked about what they liked or didn’t like about it. I decided to give it a try and went with her to the next meeting. We were all given the book that had been chosen. And mingled a little bit and I did spot a nice looking. He was a quiet young man that was there with glasses on. I introduced myself to him and he seemed quite shy, but I liked what I saw of him.Could he possibly be a virgin?

I Was  Turned On By The  Nerdy Guy

The book we were given to read was a bit of a racy one. And I enjoyed it and looked forward to the next meeting when we’d all discuss it. I made sure and sit next to the shy young guy. We all had a rousing discussion of the book. And we got the one for the next month given to us. He was starting to wander into the stacks of books .I followed him and paid him a compliment and he blushed, he was so cute. I got a bit more personal asking how he’d like the sex scenes in the book. I asked were they anything he’d done? He stammered he was a virgin. And that he’d never done anything before. I was a bit shocked, but quickly realized I wanted to be the one to show him the ropes.

gi9sele virgin

He Told Me He Was A Virgin

I tried a door nearby that said staff only and it was unlocked.I pulled him in with me and locked the door behind us. There was a sofa in there I led him to and said I’d be happy to reenact some of the love scenes from the book if he’d like to try. Although He was so shy it was adorable and he didn’t fight me one bit. The poor, young virgin was speechless at my advances, yet he didn’t stop me. I sat beside him and kissed him. And reached my hand down towards the tent he was pitching in his jeans.

I got his virgin cock out and began to caress it tenderly. It was hard as a steel rod. I leaned down and licked it and sucked on it and his sounds were incredible. And I could tell he was very aroused.And then I took my clothes off and stood before him.And he just stared at my body for more than a moment.And His eyes wide and his bulge was visible.He got undressed and laid back on the sofa. I got on top of him and slid that young cock into my pussy and rode him. My juices making that cock slick and felt good against my clit as I was grinding against it.

He Was Overly Excited

He had a nice cock, a good length and thick .And  He was overly excited of course and it didn’t take him long to cum. But Once I started to ride back and forth on top of him. With my full breasts swinging in his face. I didn’t know if it was naughty of me to fuck a young virgin like this or not. Most of all it was fun and I think he was appreciative, he was just so quiet, I can see he’d never make the first move on a girl, they’d have to do it first. We got dressed and went back to the book club, which was dispersing and mostly gone home for the most part, but I looked forward to seeing this young man again next month.

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