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I Hopped up into Jason’s Big Dodge Ram. Jason exuded sex from every inch of his chiseled body. He was a total motorhead. Even his truck was decked out in Cummings decals. The exhaust was so loud that when Jason revved I could feel the power between my legs. Staring into those blue as an Island ocean eyes, already had me so worked up I couldn’t even thread a needle if my life depended on it.

Jason took me down old dirt roads. I wanted to ask him to park so I could taste his lips, and work my way down. For some reason, I couldn’t muster up the courage to say a word. Me. SHY? Never. There was just something about this man who drove me wild. Jason Put his arm down on the console of his truck, and I let my hand slowly creep over. I felt his rough hard-working hand’s grip mine.

Strong man hands


Normally I don’t like slow. I like fucking on the first date. Road head is some of the best oral a guy can ever get. Sex in this jacked up truck? YES, PLEASE! I wanted nothing more than to jump on this guy and ride the fuck out of him, like a bronco bull on a bumpy road. But I couldn’t.

We wound up taking a long dirt path down into the embankment of an old fishing hole. Jason leaned over and kissed me, Our tongues fighting for position in each other’s mouths. In my mind, we had fucked 1000 ways to Sunday. The one thought I couldn’t get out of my mind was him all greased bending me over the hood of that truck and having some of the roughest sex ever known.

Instead, we made out in his truck, and he had roaming hands and rushing fingers. It was passionate. It was HOT and I can’t wait to fuck his brains out.

I guess I’ll have to work up to that. I love the build-up. As a chronic masturbator, I love masturbating thinking about the first time we do have sex.  Until then, I think I’ll just tease this pussy and drive myself crazy. Being a hot phone sex operator will help feed my need for edging, and I’m always down for sex!


Wanna cum help me out?

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