Sex with My Mechanic, More than his tools got DIRTY

Dirty Sex with my mechanic. My Mechanic Jason was doing an annual inspection on my truck, and it wouldn’t pass. I had to have some new hoses and an O2 sensor. He looked so sexy. Jason is Bald and strong. He looked yummy in dirty jeans, with grease on his hands all those tattoos on his arms, full sleeves on both.

I watched him as he worked on my truck. My mind wandered to Sex with him just covered in grease. The sweat glistened against his sun-kissed skin. I pictured his tattooed arms wrapped around me while we had some of the dirtiest sex ever. Knowing he would fuck me so hard. I almost shied away when he spoke to me.

Bigger Hose?

“Anna I’ll have to order a bigger hose, I got the wrong size, should be here within the hour,” he said with a grin. “Then I’ll get you outta here”

Jason’s voice was so deep. I imagined his throaty growl, and deep moans while we gave into our sex, in the deep down throws of passion. Could we fuck the hour away? I wanted to whisper that in his ear. Dirty, passionate sex with this gorgeous man would be delicious.

I sat on a stool, my eyes following him. “So what are you gonna do when you leave here?” He said as he tightened something under the hood. “I, um. Well, I think I may find somewhere for lunch. Can you recommend somewhere around here?” I said, biting my lip as I awaited his answer.

He smiled and walked closer to me ” There is a nice cafe down the street, Parkside’s is the name. As a matter of fact, I go every day for lunch” I smiled watching him fidget with the ratchet. “Care to join me?” he asked looking up from the ratchet.

My breath hitched as I watched his tongue slide across his perfect pout. I wonder if he licked his lips like that after he ate pussy. Oral sex, Vanilla sex, Rough sex. It didn’t matter I just wanted to have sex with him. I smiled. “Sure Jason, That sounds great!” I smiled.

“We have time to go before the parts get here. We can take my truck” He said as he washed up in the big sink. I watched his hands as he lathered them. Those strong man hands. I wondered how they would feel against my skin. How would they feel, squeezing my ass if I was riding him…

Sexy man hands all over me…

Jason opened the passenger door of his truck. I walked up to him. Looking into those sexy blue eyes. His eyes were like deep pools of water. “Wait a sec… you got something..” He reached in his pocket and grabbed his rag. Jason wiped my face gently. I stared in those blue eyes and I felt myself getting lost.

What happened next was more than I ever dreamed of.

But You’ll have to wait for my next Sex blog post to find out what happened.

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