A familiar sex magic fantasy.

Deep in the forest, a pale teenage girl slept in a warm cottage. Her dreams were filled with innocent scenes of childhood happiness as she snuggled deeper into her bed that night. Little did she know the sex magic fantasy that awaited her.

Seven dwarves held their breath, praying she wouldn’t wake up just then. Her left tit had just escaped her nightgown, revealing pale virgin flesh. Sure, they’d seen glimpses of her before, but they were usually eye level with her sweet young pussy, and so horny to that they didn’t even think of looking up.

Far too many nights had started just like this one, though. With all of them encircling her bed imagining how tight and sweet she would feel wrapped around their midget cocks. Usually, they just stroked their cocks in silence, but not tonight.

Don’t wake her up…yet.

When she was soundly asleep, they got to work. A cheerful dwarf pulled her bedding from her body. Another grabbed the kettle. They plucked an onyx colored hair from her brush and stirred in the rest of the ingredients, their cocks hard as a rock.

Her snow-white skin looked like porcelain as two of the dwarfs began binding her loosely. They crossed her body binding her legs and elbows behind her back. Finally, they anchored the loose ropes so that when she woke up and tugged, they’d sinch tight.

Everything came together perfectly. The dwarf slipped the gag between her lips just as the potion approached. They placed it directly below her nose and just let her breathe it in.


Sixteen years of keeping her safe while seeking no pleasure for themselves had put them over the edge. Even the queen knew this little bitch was the hottest cunt in the land. The resentment was too much. So when picking their sex magic fantasy spell, they chose one that would make her body react as though horny, not her mind.

As soon as they saw the vapor go inside of her, they slapped her awake. 5 of them stroked their cocks while the other two groped at her breasts. She tried to recoil, tightening her bindings. They laughed at her as they played with her body, and it wasn’t long before she looked around in horror as her thighs tried to clamp down on empty air. It looked like tonight might turn into forced teen humiliation fantasy!

Grumpy moved lower, toying her tiny pussy. It was so slick and warm, and he loved watching her hips buck backward against his hand. He was going to have so much fun during his sex magic fantasy! 

Their reward

Some people might call him Grumpy, but those that had seen him naked called him Hammer Dick. He stroked his cock menacingly in front of the little bitch’s face. He wanted her to see what she was going to be taking during their sex magic fantasy.

Together, the dwarves had decided he would be the one to rape her of her virginity since he had the biggest dick. 

She reacted like a scared cow, trying to buck her restraints. Allowing her a few seconds to take it in, he stroked it from base to tip. He slowly walked back toward her pussy, making sure to soak in the sounds of her whimpers. 

As the other dwarves palmed their dicks, HD lined his up with the pinkest pussy he’s ever seen. He spread her lips, staring at her hymen for a moment before thrusting his entire length inside of her. Buried inside of her, he looked down at the blood mixing with her pussy juices. 

It made him even harder as he plunged back in, over and over.

Her body moved like it wanted to be fucked harder, though she screamed and cried around the gag. Her hips crashed back against his short body, and the pussy juice flowed steadily as he raped her harder and harder. 

He wanted to cum inside of her, but they only had one night for their sex magic fantasy, so he pulled out and stood, shaking, as he gestured to the white beauty.

“She’s all yours, for now.”


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