Forced teen humiliation is the best gift I could give you.

I couldn’t think of a better anniversary gift than a little virgin for our forced teen humiliation. I remember how enamored you were with that shy little waitress at your work party last month, baby. So I went ahead and brought her home. She’s up in the bedroom just waiting for the party to begin!

We go upstairs talking in hushed whispers about all of the nasty things we want to do to our fuck doll. I open the door to our bedroom, revealing a tiny teen bimbo, complete with Daisy Dukes, manicured nails, and a satisfyingly terrified look on her face. I watched your eyes roving over her at first, but then all I could focus on was how quickly the bulge in your pants was growing.

For a decade we had talked about this moment. We’d roleplayed together with it, called phone sex operators to give it that extra edge of realism, and even paid a young lady to pretend to be our victim. It had been hot as fuck, but tonight was a special night when we’d finally make our forced teen humiliation come to life.


We stripped down across the room from her. I kept my black bra, panties, thigh-high stockings, and heels on, while you stripped down to absolutely nothing. It was so fucking kinky seeing that wicked sneer directed at her as we approached. As we situated ourselves, I walked around to her feet. You chose to loom in front of her face, cock just inches from her mouth.

At first glance you assume I’d just taped her mouth shut, but as you inspect her, your head snaps up and you let out a booming laugh. You give the hair waxing strip a little tug near the corner of her mouth. Don’t think I didn’t see your cock twitch when she let out a muffled scream.

Beside the bed, I’ve set up a little folding table with lots of goodies for us to choose from. I grab a 6” blade and unsheath it. Having sharpened it myself, I know it’s up to the task I have in mind. With no preamble, I yank our little bitch toward me and cut her shorts and panties off of her. She thrashes about, mumbling nonsense as our forced teen humiliation really picks up.


When you see her struggling against my invasion the animal inside of you really wakes up. I’d never seen your cock so hard! With one hand snaked around her neck, you hold her in place to deliver a punch to that pretty face. I laugh maniacally as her nose starts to bleed. Now that our little cum dumpster is feeling a little more compliant, I jump onto her stomach, straddling her.

“Give me the lipstick, babe”, I say.  And you do. A cheap red, perfect for our shy whore. First, I drew lips over the waxing strips. They were big and full, like the lips you’d expect on an experienced cock sucker. Next, I looked her in the eye as you laid your dick across those drawn on lips. You slowly began to pump your hips, which looked fucking delicious!

She was too distracted by it for my liking though, so I grabbed her nipple and twisted as hard as I could, counting every rotation I force it through. After the nipple was twisted around 3 times, I leaned over and grabbed a clover clamp. Thank god you were there to hold her down for that one! She tried to buck me off and almost succeeded before you delivered another blow to her face.

With her still hogtied, there was never really any chance of her getting away…but dumb bitches tend to forget things like that.


It wouldn’t be the gift I had imagined if we just spent the whole night tormenting the outside of her body, though. No, we could save that for our next kinky bodystocking bondage session. What we needed at that moment was to get you inside of her cunt before you exploded. And god, you were close.

I used the lipstick to write nasty words like “cum dumpster”, “whore”, and “bimbo” in huge letters. Once I was finished though, it was time to get started. I cut the bindings off of her legs and spread them wide, tying them to the bedposts. She cried and pleaded behind her gag, the tears dripping onto our silk sheets. It was glorious.

Unlike what most pornos assume though, she hadn’t gotten wet at all. I asked you if you wanted me to get the lube, but you had a better idea. You told me to come down and add my spit to her pussy. We both spit all over it, telling her what a useless piece of shit she was. Even with both of our contributions, I could tell it was going to be a tight squeeze.


I held the base of your cock in my hand. Having personal experience with it, I knew that the 8 inches were going to split her open if you went in rough. And of course, you were going to go in rough with our forced teen humiliation victim! The tip of your dick rested between her pussy lips, trembling. I released it from my hand and went up to our slut’s face.

I climbed up on the bed, standing, yet still straddling her head. Your eyes locked with mine and you buried your cock deep in her cunt. As you bottomed out in her, I jumped in the air and slammed my pussy down onto her face. There was always a chance that the move would snap her neck, but it didn’t. I clamped my legs around her head and pushed my ass and pussy into her face as hard as possible.

You raped that pussy hard and fast while I smothered her. I didn’t let up. She was never going to survive this. We couldn’t risk her running her mouth. So I kept her nose blocked and waited for her final twitch. Her last seconds were her best. You could feel every muscle in her body twitching and trembling, squeezing you tight.

As her last breath left her body, you let out a guttural moan, draining your balls deep inside of her cooling cunt.

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