An anal sex story with just a hint of kink.

This anal sex story is a half real/half fantasy about an Adonis I met in my dorm. I was in the common room with my roommate, doing dumb bitch stuff. Mostly because my roommate was a dumb bitch.

A spoiled Army brat, somehow I managed to spend time with her without gouging her eyes out. The thought did cross my mind though…maybe I’ll write a forced teen humiliation story just for her…

Anyway, Bree loved attention and would flirt all night long. She led guys on for hours and then would just ditch them. Whether it was lack of libido or just a prudish upbringing that led her to turn away such delicious men, she always expected me to leave with her.

Not tonight

I was at the end of my patience this particular night. Bree had been pretty handsy with one of the guys and the poor boy looked like he was about to start jumping her leg like a dog. Bree stood up suddenly and turned to me, saying we needed to get to bed.

The look on that 6′ 2′, muscle-bound man’s face was the last straw. I rested my head on his shoulder, looking up at Bree, and said I’d be up in a minute. She huffed and puffed but eventually left.

Matt, it turned out, was a business major looking to take over his dad’s factory. He was funny and charming and I wanted him inside of me. But I wanted it to serve a secondary purpose.

Planting the seed

I asked Matt what he thought of my roommate. He just let out a long sigh and said boring. Laughing, I put my hand on his thigh.

“I want you to fuck me.”

I looked him dead in the eye when I said it. A powerful and exciting statement, but not exactly seductive, so he was mostly just confused.

“I want you to bend me over in my dorm. The same dorm I share with that bitch, and I want you to show her what she turned down. It’s going to feel even better than fucking someone while a phone sex operator listens in.”

I looked down at my hand on his thigh and then back up to his curious eyes. While he stared me down, searching for the joke, I firmly grabbed his cock. His eyes darted around the room. I knew we were alone so I just kept doing what I wanted.

I moved my other hand to his zipper and began releasing him. He made a move to stop me, but I smacked his hand and glared at him.

“I want to worship your cock, Matt. Has anyone ever truly worshiped it? No? A pity. Look at it, Matt. See how thick it is already? How small my fingers look wrapped around it? It’s worthy of absolute devotion.”

I pump him between every word, slowly lowering my body to the ground in front of him.

A Filthy Flatterer

“I think you’re going to leave my dorm with the best anal sex story ever. But first, I want you at peak performance. I want you so horny that you couldn’t hold back from fucking me even if you wanted.”

I softly ran my lips up and down the length of his cock. It felt silky, yet bumpy as I slid over the engorged veins. Matt let out a ragged breath as I took my lips away.

“You want me, but more than that, you want to make Bree see how useless a tease like her is. I want that too. I’m going to cum with you deep inside of me and that thought filling my mind, Matt.”

His cock twitched in my hand and dripped precum at the thought. I looked down at his cock one last time before pushing it back inside of his pants. As I reached for the zipper he grabbed my hands. He froze, on the precipice of wanting to make me keep going.

“This isn’t even really the beginning, Matt. You’re not leaving my side until we’re both sweaty and coated in each others’ juices. Now let’s go get you that anal sex story I promised!”

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