When I was in high school, I dated a classmate of mine who came from a very large family.  Henry had five brothers and sisters and his grandmother also lived them.  It was a very crowded home.  Grandmother was usually up and around, sticking her nose in everyone’s business.  His parents worked opposite shifts so there was always a parent at home.  He shared a bedroom with two brothers.  We were beginning to think we would not be able to have sex until one of us got a car.  And at the age of fourteen, that seemed an eternity away.

Friday nights were movie and pizza night at Henry’s house and I usually joined them.  Whenever the movie was over, Henry’s mother would tell him to walk me home soon, before it got too late.  This particular Friday night was no different.

“Henry, you’d better start getting Sabrina home now.  It’s almost ten o’clock and you have an early basketball game tomorrow.”  We looked at each other and sighed.  We were sitting on the floor, so Henry stood up, gave me his hand and pulled me up.  I had been sitting for a couple of hours so I reached my arms up and stretched.  Henry watched me and smiled.  He whispered, “You look sexy when you stretch like that.  Like a cat woman.”  I laughed at him and we quickly got our shoes on.

“Good night, everyone!” I called as we walked out the back door.  It was a warm night and we walked slowly towards my house which was about six blocks away.  We walked past a playground and suddenly Henry stopped and pulled me closer to him.  “Let’s cut across there.” he said, pointing to the small park.

I shook my head.  “No, let’s not go through there.  It’s dark.”

“Exactly!” he smiled.  “It’s dark and nobody can see us in there. Come on!”

He took my hand and pulled me into the dark playground with him.  We looked around at the equipment.  “How about that?” he asked, pointing to the big slide.

“No…” I said, “Look how narrow it is.”

He pointed to the roundabout.  “That?” he asked.  We walked over and stood on it, bouncing up and down a little.  It was wobbly and noisy.  We jumped off it and headed toward the swings.

“Push me for a few minutes while we think about this.” he said as he sat on the swing.

“I’m not going to push you… you outweigh me by about thirty pounds.” I said but I gave him a big push anyway.  He laughed at my efforts and pumped his legs until he got a pretty decent swing going.  I watched for a minute.

“We’d better get going, Henry.  Your mom is going to flip out on you if you’re home late.” I said.

He started dragging his feet in the sand to stop his swinging then looked at me.  His face lit up.  “Hey!  We can do it right here.  On this swing.” he exclaimed joyously.

“How?” I asked.  I watched as he unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out.  Surprisingly, it was already rock hard.  But then, he was fourteen years old.  It was probably always hard.

“Okay, now you pull your pants down halfway and then just… sit on my lap.” he said, fumbling for a proper description.  I lowered my jeans to about halfway down my thigh, grabbed the swing chains and backed into him, letting my ass sort of hover over his cock.

He put one hand on my hip and guided me down onto his hard, throbbing cock.  I felt the head pushing against my pussy hole.  Henry clumsily guided his dick into my pussy.  As soon as I felt it was about an inch inside me, I sat down.  Henry let out a loud moan.  “Wow!” he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

He pressed his face against my back and with his feet, he slowly rocked us back and forth on the swing.  I wiggled my hips around, loving how he felt inside me and rode him gently as we swung slowly, careful not to lose our balance.  We found our perfect rhythm.  He planted his feet firmly on the sand, stretching his legs out while I gripped the chains and bounced up and down on his cock.  The seat jiggled around underneath us which added to our pleasure.

Within five minutes, I orgasmed loudly.  When it subsided, Henry lifted my ass off of his dick, pointed it away from me and let his own cum spray on the sand below us.  After we got our pants back on, we kicked the sand around to try to conceal his load and then jogged the whole way back to my house.

Henry did get in trouble that night for coming home late and his mother chastised him for “lollygagging”.  That became our pet name for fucking in the park.  And did we lollygag in the park often?  FUCK yes, we did!

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