Outdoor events are winding down for the season, and my boyfriend and I went to an outdoor concert a couple of weeks back and it was at night at an open amphitheater and there were a fair number of people there on blankets on the ground and some had brought lawn chairs and picnics for a dinner under the stars as the concert played. We set our blanket a bit away from the others we could certainly hear everything clearly and it was very romantic. I’d packed us a nice cold supper picnic, and after we ate, I’d brought some wine and after we finished the wine we were laying back and cuddling and getting very comfortable and he started kissing me and it was very nice.

I was getting aroused, as I tend to d after a few drinks and the kissing got more passionate and his hand reached up to my breast and I was starting to wonder who might be able to see us, it was pretty dark out and we were away from the main crowd but I didn’t see anyone paying any attention to us, so I just let him continue. I could feel his hard cock against me in his pants, and I reached over and unzipped his jeans and took out his cock and was fondling it in my hands and my mouth soon found its way to his cock and I was giving him a lovely blowjob and people could have seen if they’d happen to walk by.



He whispered he wanted to make love to me and I was afraid someone would see, but he said we’d keep our clothes on, and just hike up my skirt and he’d just pull my panties off tot he side, so no nudity would even be involved in case someone happened on by. I was so turned on by him, as I usually am, I agreed and laid on my back, pulled my skirt up enough, and he just had his cock sticking through his open fly and he slid right into me, right there on our blanket under the stars as the concert went on and people were less than fifty feet away from us, but it was pretty dark where we were, but I have no clue if anyone saw us or what were doing.

I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed so passionately and it was exciting feeling him fucking me with people nearby and likely having no clue what were up to. I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. It felt so good and I loved being so naughty this way. I whimpered quietly as he fucked me and soon came and was catching my breath as he then rolled off and we rearranged our clothes. After the concert was over, we packed up our things and walked back to the car, no one seemed the wiser. It was fun being a naughty girl in public like that.

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