Sex, my husband traded me to his boss for a promotion.

I was completely shocked and devastated but there was nothing I could do but limply let him take me on the living room floor.

My house was immaculate, the dinner was perfect, and I smoothed my dress just as the doorbell rang. My husband looked to me and smiled. He patted my ass on his way to open the door and I stood at his side to greet our guest.

Mr. K stood there smiling a bottle of wine in his hand. Welcome to our home sir. I smiled sweetly, proud of my husband for this honor of hosting his prestigious boss. Mr. K shook my husband’s hand and then reach and pulled me into an overly warm and shocking embrace. I stood paralyzed with this breach of formal protocol. I did not want to jeopardize my husband’s promotion, so I decided it best to allow his forward behavior for tonight.

He encircled my waist and pulled me against his hard cock.

I excused myself to the kitchen to bring the remaining food out. Mr. K followed me and soon had me backed against the counter. Your so beautiful Simone he cooed as he touched my hair and my face. He squeezed my ass. Mr. K please I am a married woman and you are being much to forward. He encircled my waist and pulled me against his hard cock. I pushed against him, my husband is just outside the door I will scream for him. You must stop this right now! He laughed and released me. He took the cheesecake and went back into the dining room.

After dinner, I was still very disturbed, but I continued to smile praying the night would end soon. However, my husband asked him to stay for drinks. I tried to excuse myself, but my husband insisted I sit with them. Mr. K came and sat close to me pressing his thigh against mine. I moved to the other side of the room to my husband. Mr. K ordered me back to him but in a compelling soft tone. I looked to my husband whose face had become cold and he said, go, Simone, do as he say. In that moment, I realized my husband had traded me to this man for the promotion.

He fucked my face so hard that I gagged repeatedly thinking I would vomit.

I had nothing, therefore, I had to do as my husband commanded. So, I walked back and allowed Mr. K to fondle me then he stood me up and pulled my clothes off slowly. With a lover’s caress, Mr. K touched me, while encouraging me to teach my husband a lesson by fucking him so good while he was forced to watch. But I could bring myself to play their game, I could only just let it happen. He worshiped my breasts until he forced me onto my knees and shoved his cock deep into my throat. He fucked my face so hard that I gagged repeatedly thinking I would vomit.

Once he was done with my face, he asked my husband which position I preferred the best. He told me to wrap my legs around his shoulders because I loved it deep and hard. Mr. K smiled enthusiastically. He pushed me down and lifted my legs he thrust his cock so deep inside my pussy making me scream and with his brutal attack on my pussy my body responding and very quickly I was matching him thrust for thrust. Until we both came in a shattering orgasm.

I hated myself for responding to his thrusting cock. My husband forced me to suck Mr. K cock so that I could clean my pussy juices off him. Mr. K said that my husband had won bonus points for that move. When he was satisfied I was left to clean my wounded soul and wet pussy.

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