Oral Sex, Bosses Wife Caught Him Fucking My Face!

I want to have oral sex with my boss. Sexy and alluring are just some of the qualities of my boss! He stands about 6’2 with dark hair and green eyes. Very masculine and smells like ocean water and white sands. I’ve had my eye on him for a while, but there’s just one problem, he’s a dick!! George always talks to me like I’m a little kid or like I’m an idiot. He thinks he is superior and that I’m beneath him. To be honest the only reason why I put up with him is that he’s a fucking God!

Give me the oral sex of my dreams.

George owns the bar I work at. It is a busy place but one night he was barking orders like nobody’s business. That night he aggravated me to the point I was ready to walk out.  Then he wanted me to stay late after closing. I wondered if I was getting fired, or maybe I should just quit before he got the chance.  When the club was cleared out I went behind the bar and poured myself a shot of gin.

I walked into his office and the first thing that came out of that sweet mouth of George’s was “why do you keep teasing me?” I was shocked, excuse me, teasing you? How am I doing that? All the girls wear crop tops and short shorts so how am I teasing you? I asked. He said because you have an attitude and you need to be broken. He said, Nicole, I’m going to break you to the point you will know your place.

Oral sex with my boss and how much I fucking wanted it, but his wife walked in.

He sat at his desk like a king and told me to get on my fucking knees. In my mind, I thought is he serious, but okay I’ll play along. So, I slipped down to my knees. George unzipped his pants and whipped out a hard-thick cock. I was about to start sucking his cock and let him just slap my mouth hard before I sucked it when he said beg for this cock cunt!

Oh my God! It turned me on so much. Who knew I could get so turned on by BDSM. All I could think about was how hot it was going to be when he fucked my face.  So down on my knees, looking up pleading, I begged him for his gorgeous cock! He gave it to me and I slobbered and sucked all over his beautiful cock and he fucked my face for several hot thrusts, I could feel the cum building in his balls as my fingers caressed them, he fucked my face a little harder and held my head just as his wife walked in! I was terrified! Do you want to hear what happened when his wife walked in?

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