When thinking of SEX GAMES what comes to mind?

Extra Naughty Roleplay? PC Porn sex Games?  7 minutes in heaven? *giggle*

Our world today provides many ways to find pleasure. With a world full of technology you can sink your stick into any animated beauty with the touch of a single button, But that’s just it! Shes animated.  You don’t get the personal connection of actually speaking to a REAL Person. To hear the sultriness in her voice that you create in her, the need, the desire.

Phone Sex is Different. It’s personal. One on one, sometimes more *wink*

What kind of sex games do you want to play with me?

The whole point of fucking is to have fun right??
I mean, you don’t wanna eat vanilla ice cream all the time? sometimes, you want some rocky road!

Here are some ideas, to fun up ( and lengthen… for you 2 pump chumps) your sexy time! ( and yes, these have been tested and tried, by me *wink*)

1. Bedroom Slip N Slide: get a shower curtain or a tarp, and lay it out on the bed or floor, and pour baby oil all over it, get naked with your partner! Yum! Also, try to Have a sexy playful wrestling match, and see how good being so slick feels. There’s no telling, what you may slide into.

2. Take a trip to the sex store: Have fun looking around at all the toys, and pick some out for each other. Mmm, maybe you can make a sexy purchase, and take it home and try it out.

3. Get into PORN- you and your partner, can mimic, or act out, what’s going on! ( and hearing all the noises, will get you going too)

4. Make her/ him Dessert- gather all kinds of sundae toppings, and make your own sexy sundae, on your sexy playmate, eating it is always the best part.

5. PLAY a GAME- Naked twister, or Sexy Truth or dare… you’ll have a great time, getting into all kinds of positions, and with T or D, DARE is always FUN!

6. Sexy Charades- Write down different sexual acts ( ex. lick syrup off of nipples, rub sexy spot for 2 min, masturbate for a full 2 min, kiss on earlobes) fold them up tiny and take turns drawing them out of a hat.

7. Striptease- Pick out a sexy song, and dance for your playmate, slowly taking off your clothes.

We can always come up with our own

There are SO MANY things you can do, to have fun in the bedroom! Don’t get bored with the same old routine. Take a step outside of your old song & dance, and you won’t regret it!

I have lots of ideas… so if you don’t see any here you like, just give me a ring, and we can chat about some more!
And I love to play these games, so you always have a Virtual Girlfriend that wants to play with you… ME <3


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