The Best Sex Stories are always ANYTHING GOES

The best sex stories always seem to have an anything-goes vibe to them. I find that some of the sexiest calls I get start off with absolutely no destination, except pleasure.

What does anything goes mean?
It means just what it says
we can talk about ANYTHING During our Hot Phone Sex Session
There aren’t any limits
absolutely no boundaries
NO Censorship
and believe me, I will not gonna say ewwwww! no way
In fact, It’s HARD.. scratch that… It’s Fucking impossible to shock me
Try to, I DARE you
Our conversation can go from sweet and innocent to totally sick and twisted in seconds, that is in fact what THE BEST SEX STORIES come from!
 I fucking love it!
I’ll break down “anything goes” for you, just know we aren’t limited to this list, we can talk about ANYTHING, even if it isn’t here ( by now you should know I like lists)
AGEPLAY- Extremely young & old
RAPE- any kind of forced fucking, crying, begging, screaming no
SMUT- Extreme gore or any other dangerous sex play
DRUGS- wanna get high with me?
FORCED INTOX- I make you drink, or you can make me
PIC- Partner in Crime
I don’t have any no’s. No Hard limits. I don’t believe in safe words.
Honestly, I’m a whore that loves to fuck hard, get off hard and make you get off even harder.
It’s okay to be shy, we don’t have to jump right into choke-fucking or me fucking your ass with my favorite rubber fuckie.
Best sex stories will start with getting to know one another.
Now, these are just a few but believe me, we can go into the dirtiest parts of our minds and explore!
Take a step outside of your vanilla Box!
and take a bite out of the Forbidden Fruit or Perverted Pleasure!

Sweet Phone Sex