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I tricked my boyfriend and his best friend into playing a sex game.  We played some naughty truth or dare; I knew they have wanted each other for a long time!  I got them to fuck each other and while my boyfriend was getting his ass stretched by his best friend, he was ramming his cock into my pussy! 

My boyfriend’s ass was gushing and I could feel his cock getting rock hard inside me.  If I didn’t stop him now, he was going to cum and all our fun would be over!  I quickly stood up, and his friend stopped pumping his ass, I think they were both wondering what else I had up my sleeve.  I lay down and they both started licking my pussy.  Their tongues rubbed on either side of my clit, they were both eating my pussy like it was their last meal.  I watched as they would tongue around in between my pussy lips, then kiss each other, tasting my pussy on their mouths.  This was my favorite part of our sex game! 

They both slid into my pussy once they got it nice and wet!

 I loved getting double dicked!  It was like our personal little cuckold party!  I could tell they loved the feeling of their cocks rubbing together in my pussy!  My boyfriend’s best friend especially loved watching my pussy stretch around both of their cocks!  I showered them with squirts while they were pummeling my pussy – this sex game turned into a lot of kinky fun!

Our sex game was getting ready to get really hot!  I grabbed a dildo from my room and ran back to the living room.  When I walked in, my boyfriend and his best friend were both sucking each other’s cocks.  I spit on my dildo and slid it into my boyfriend’s best friend ass.  He really started to swallow my boyfriend’s cock every time I rammed my dildo into his ass.  I started moving my arm faster, really pounding his tight little asshole, and my boyfriend’s best friend’s rosebud started pushing my dildo out of his ass.  He was cumming all over my dildo!  My boyfriend and his friend both were moaning and groaning like it was the best sex they had ever had.  

The hot sex game made us all cross lines we otherwise wouldn’t have!

They were so hot sucking each other’s cocks.  I was running back and forth, making my boyfriend’s ass cum, then making his friend’s ass cum.  Until finally I was so turned on I sat in the chair and rubbed my pussy while they swallowed each other’s cum.  I was so glad they finally got what they had thought about for so long, and we continued to fuck each other every few months, playing a different sex game every time.


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