You may have heard of bestiality, but sex with a furry is a little bit different than that!

Having sex with a furry is just having sex with a person dressed as an animal of choice. Online communities for furries grow stronger and larger each day! With connections to Hentai, My Little Pony, and concepts like vore, there is no telling what you can do! Your own imagination is the limit to the sexual possibilities. Whether you like tentacle porn or anamorphic plane fucking, once you get into the animated side of things you can go as extreme as you like.

I found this girl at a pride festival. She wore a panda suit which had a hole in the back. A short little nubby tail stuck out which seemed inserted as a but plug. She had short black hair cut in an early 2000’s emo style. Her face was powdered white and she had heavy eyeliner on. She pranced over to me and told me that I looked cute. She had the sweetest, pitchiest little voice. Almost fake sounding.

I had on a leather vest with nipple stickers and frayed booty shorts.

My friends and I asked her back to our place afterward. Then, we took some shots and put on music. As day turned to night, my friends all fell asleep, but she and I went to the liquor store to get someone to buy us more alcohol. While we waited in the parking lot, she slipped her fingers into my short and began to rub my pussy. I unbuttoned the crotch of her suit and rubbed her too. We both grew close to cumming.

I came, and as she came, I reached back and tugged on her butt plug tail. Then I pulled out my soaked fingers so we could go ask an approaching guy to buy us alcohol.

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