Trust me, the idea of paying my bills with sex is nothing new. But sex for rent payments was a whole new level. 

With everything going on the club I have worked at for years had to shut down temporarily. It’s been a huge bummer and how I would pay my monthly expenses has been weighing heavily on my mind. I knew I needed to talk to my landlord first and foremost because it is the most expensive payment I make each month. Never would I had guessed his idea would be sex for rent checks. My landlord’s name is Gary, he’s nice enough I guess. Always takes care of maintenance issues as they come up and more than once has offered to help me out with my own set of pipes. 

Maybe I should have seen his offer coming?

I sent Gary a text on the last day of the month. Doing it sooner would have probably been better but honestly, I wanted to see if anything would change financially. The girls at the club had made jokes about us dancing in masks, gloves, and shields but it was looking like it could be a new reality. Either way, contacting him last minute is how everything went down. The anxiety I felt in typing out the message gripped me. I always hate disappointing people or owing anyone money. Times were tough since the shutdown and even with men all around America coming out to show their support for strip clubs to reopen- sex for rent is where I was now. 

 “Hey Gary, it’s Dylan. Can you stop by the building today? I need to talk to you about rent for this month..”

Gary said he would be right over. I hopped in the shower and did my make up quickly. I knew it would be in my best interest if I looked very professional and put together, while still super sexy and fresh. My landlord has always given me those “fuck me” eyes when he sees me. It made a lot of sense to me that this would be a great opportunity to use my sex appeal in my favor. I slipped into my lucky lingerie set- a baby blue thong and bra. Sprayed perfume on my pussy and carefully put on my cutest sundress- The one that really showed off my long tanned legs. Looking at myself in the mirror, I tried to be positive. How could we not come to some type of payment arrangement or agreement when I looked like THIS?! 😉

Gary’s eyes lit up when I answered the door. He was happy to see me. This is very good! 

We gave each other a big hug and I offered him a drink. Gary asked for a beer and I grabbed him an IPA from the fridge. As soon as we were comfortable I laid out my situation for him, beginning to cry a little. The tears were genuine of course. My landlord has this fatherly way about him that instantly was comforting. He got up from his chair and sat next to me on my side of the sofa. 

“Dylan, you’ve been a wonderful tenant and I would love to help you out BUT I have bills to pay too. We will need to think outside of the box on this one.” Gary’s hand slid up my thigh and he smiled at me flirtatiously. “Sex for rent- I’ve wanted you since I laid eyes on you the first time and I can’t help but see this as a mutual opportunity for us both to get things we want and need.” 

Oh boy- what have I gotten myself into? SEX FOR RENT?!

I nodded in agreement and Gary slid in for a big kiss. I reached down to feel his cock throbbing through his pants. He was much bigger than I had expected and I would be lying if I said the idea of sexual favors in exchange for bill payment didn’t turn me on a little. It was apparent to him evidently because he immediately commented on how wet my little bald pussy had gotten. 

We fucked for hours and on every surface of my apartment. Was it worth it? Heck yes! Sex for rent ended up being a lifesaver. I wonder what other bills I’ll be able to pay with this hot body? LOL

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