My life has been interesting. I started everything young and I mean everything. So, when I had the chance to work at the strip club, I jumped on that shit. I am a Dirty Young Stripper that has no limits. Just like my “no limits” phone sex, I am a nasty girl on stage. Taking my clothes off that money is a blast. When I do something I am all in.

One thing you learn if you set up a session with me, I give the best phone sex. I am not afraid of any topic or fetish. Delving deep into the roles, I will not let you down and you will shoot the biggest load for me. Furthermore, let me be honest about something. I play with myself on the calls. I figure if I am helping you stroke your dick, I should have fun too! My pretty little pussy gets a workout when I am working.

Whether I am on stage as a Dirty Young Stripper or on the phone with you, I am flicking that clit!

My show on stage rocks the club. I come out in my adorable school girl outfit. Wearing the white shirt, short plaid skirt, thigh-high white socks, and my black heels, I strut like that girl you wanted back in your school days. Only now, you get to touch this dirty young stripper I wag my perfect body all over the stage. I am so naughty, I might even let you slip a finger in me when I take that tip from you!

You are reading that right, I love to be “no limits” in all areas of my life. That is why when I started doing phone sessions, I knew I would be open to anything. I mean come on, if you are doing something you should go all out bitches. That is why I love to research and learn so that when you call me with your fun ideas or fetishes, I provide a real feel call.

Like I said earlier, I like to cum. So during our call the more real, the better for both of us!

Pleasing men is such a turn on for me. I enjoy men of all ages. A mature man was my first. I remember it like it was yesterday. As Daddy’s Perfect Princess, I was so happy to please my father in naughty ways. Our time together taught me to know the ways of pleasure. From there I went on to many more men. All with new fun ways to please me and me to please them.

Wow, what fun I am having as I meet the clients at the club. The things I am learning from the other dancers is great too! Oh my God, we have so much fun together. We party like banshees and then we get really nasty in the dressing room. I had no idea a woman could please me like that but boy do they. My skills are getting better with them too. The woman’s pussy is intricate and no two are the same. Just like dicks, right?!

Life offers so many opportunities and I experiencing everyone that is coming my way!

Since I am a no limits personality, life keeps putting more fun in my path. My goal is to have fun every day. That means if I get to play with you and your fetish today and someone else’s different one tomorrow, we all get off and have a blast doing it! I fucking love my life and all the many parts of it!

What types of things get you off. Are you like me? The naughtier and nastier things are the more fun it is. Of course, I enjoy vanilla as much as the next gal. Regular sex is always fun. Truth is that is how things were with my dad most of the time. Certainly, he is a vanilla type of guy and I love him for that. Now, I am a dirty young stripper, and open to everything and anything.

What kind of “anything” are you into?

Are you curious to find out more about my openness? Want to see how “no limits” my calls can be? You have to call me to find out! I can’t wait to play with you!


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