You deserve so much more than a pump and dump from sex with us.

So sex with us will be more than that with Carter and myself! When you have the two of us working towards the singular goal of your pleasure, there won’t be an ounce of temptation that is left untouched.

Tonight I want something special for all of us. One of my favorite men inspired the idea actually. It’s a tale of transformation for our dear, sweet Carter. This one is for my freakier boys, so I’m sure you will love it!

The fantasy starts with you and Carter being close friends. You’ve always wanted to be with her but she is just so innocent while your tastes run…darker. One day you get a flyer in the mail for a club that is located in what you could have sworn was an empty parking lot last night. You show Carter the flyer and she’s just so excited about there being a new place to drink that you let all of your reservations go. You tell her you can go tomorrow.

The building looks benign as you approach. You enter and feel an immediate pressure on your mind as you walk through the hazy sea of dancing patrons. Carter heads toward the bar but your feet don’t obey when you try to follow her.

There’s somewhere else you need to go.

The further you get from Carter, the stronger my mind controls you. You can almost hear me whispering my gentle incantations directly in your ears as you approach a dark hallway.

Unlike the rest of the packed club, this area is deserted. You can see red light spilling out from a single cracked door, and now you really can hear my silky voice whispering words too old for you to understand. Like a siren beckoning sailors towards jagged rocks, I call you closer, The smell of sex and violence permeates the air in the room. It is intoxicating in a way you never knew possible. You have stroked yourself so often to the sight of betrayed women and their broken body, but having the scent of such tableaus thrust upon you is overwhelming.

“Before the night is over your wildest dreams will come true. Every ounce of pain you inflict upon her will be healed, every memory erased. But such delights do not come without a price. Tonight you will also know pain. To have access to all of Carter’s body and soul. To keep your friend intact while still satisfying the animal within, you must sacrifice any possibility of a future with her and must become mine.”

This is right where I want our fantasy phone sex to start. I want to explore and aid in your claiming of such a succulently sweet girl. Carter’s body is a wonderland full of amazing potential for us!

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