Let’s get wild with our Fetish play this week!

When It comes to fetish play…especially anything BDSM related, Carter and I can’t get enough. We live and breathe to get nasty with you!

It’s no secret that I love getting off on making men submit to me, but to have you and Carter to use together would be bliss. I can’t overstate how malleable and willing Carter is as a sub, and we both know how desperate you can get when you need me most, so to have both of you together would be any Domme’s dream come true!

Let’s indulge that fetish of yours!

Not only are Carter and I a wonderful duo for power play, but we’ve also got a serious arsenal when it comes to bringing almost any fetish to life. I have never met a girl so slutty for anything off of the beaten path. The more unique the fetish, the kinkier and sluttier she gets.

     Whether you want us both to whisper sweet words of Dominance in your ear or roll over like two well-trained bitches, you’re in capable hands with us.

Something for Carter!

I’ve decided to train my nasty little girl to grow up and become my protege. I want to give my little sub some authority over my other subs, but not without proper training. These next two weeks I really want to teach her how to transform sissies into little puddles of desperation.

       Under my watchful eye, I will have her use and abuse you, guiding her with loving words of encouragement and perhaps a swat or two to her cute butt when she hesitates.

I think it will be so hot to have you vulnerable and exposed with my sweet little Carter looking on eagerly beside me. Both of us dressed head to toe in the sexiest black lingerie and ready to completely own out slave.

There are so many wild and kinky things to do with us. Any two girl call with us is bound to make the fetish freak inside of you explode!

Carter and I are ready for your 2 girl phone sex calls Wednesday and Friday from 9 pm -midnight EST & Saturday from 9 pm-1 am est. Mention Carma(Karma) and get 5 extra minutes with the purchase of a 20-minute call with the both of us through 09/29/2018.

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