Men will be Men – “Shocker!!”  Guys night out – typical guy talk  “Hey dude you ever try doing the “Shocker” to your girl?” Bragging endlessly, how fucking hard their girl exploded.  WRONG!!!  Every guy – no matter the age – will “gracefully” attempt the finger bang — “The Shocker”  There’s nothing pleasant or graceful about the awkwardness of the “shocker.”  The remaining few men who have never experienced it, consider yourself lucky.

I consider myself pretty flexible in ALL areas of sex.  Real sex – anal sex, oral sex, every position of sex.  Ok I love sex!!!  The whole hand motion is just flat out very awkward.  Imagine a totally hot kissing session. You are all hot and horny. I’m wet and ready to go.  You slide your hand down between my creamy thighs ready to explore my hot little holes. Once your hand is in position – holding out your hand with just the ring finger bent down, the thumb outstretched to tickle my clit – you then slide your index and middle fingers into my waiting and wanting wet pussy. Here’s the “shocking” part — you also get wiggle your pinky in my butthole.   Sounds intriguing and sizzling hot doesn’t it? “Mmmmm yes baby – do it to me!!!  Slip it inside.” NOT – Yet Every guy wants to try the hearty genital handshake.  Hate to burst your bubble guys – it’s not really enjoyable at all.  The ridiculous notion to think that the “Shocker” is erotic or arousing. That’s what makes it so funny to talk about.

How and why it is physically impossible for a woman to enjoy the “Shocker?”  Imagine the thought of how a trident feels slipping in and out.  There’s nothing pleasurable about it at all. It’s just all wrong.  The thumb has no range of motion to stimulate the clit properly.  The index and the middle finger should be able to bend forward toward the pussy.  And the ass exploration ::Warning:: you only get invited into this area once.  First visit my bald wet pussy for some ass and pussy worship!! This will sure as hell get you an open invite into my awaiting tight holes.  So you better do it right the first time.  I assure you – There will NOT be a second time. A wriggling pinky afterthought is just not appealing and a serious no go in my book.  If you are going to explore do it the right way.

The perfect finger bang is every girls perfect foreplay to being fucked like a whore in heat.  Slow continual circular motions to the clit will yield the best results.  I totally appreciate a well executed finger bang. As long as, you don’t take the “bang” part too literally.  Mmm nicely lubed up with my pussy juices.  Slowly you slide your fingers deep into the pussy.  Watch for the ::: Gasp :::  “Mmmm yes baby” ::: Green light : Go Go Go::: moving your fingers up and down – in and out with no hesitation.  Massaging and stimulating my G-spot with every in and out motion.  You’ve made it this fair – slow and steady.  Not every woman likes anal ::: proceed with caution ::: When in doubt ask.  Always start with ass and pussy licking.  Trust me – I love anal play 24- 7 !! Then take things nice a slow once you get the green light.  My preference is the two-handed finger bang.  (Not the whole hand silly man ) If you are gonna pleasure me – pleasure me right.  Lube up and get to business.    Interested in hearing more – Want to know more about my shocking sexual fetish pleasures.  I’m only a phone call away. Call me for some one on one masturbation phone sex.

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