Good morning my Sweet,

I had such a lovely dream about you. I deliberately went to sleep with you on my mind. I even woke up and snuggled down for an extra ten minutes just to finish my dream of you. I thought about running my fingers on your face and tickling slightly. Just being seductively silly. You know how we are hehe. Any way After I take you by your face I kiss you lightly and then work my lips deeper into yours. It becomes very fevered and a need instead of a want. Your hands go to my back and I can feel the tips of your fingers touching my hair. You grab onto my ass tightly and pull me as tightly as you can to your body. You pick me up in a fast motion and bring me to your room.

You lay me on the bed and stand back to just look at me. your eyes are glossy and look feral. I get up and make you sit back. I want to take off my clothing slowly for you. under my jeans and shirt I have on a white cotton bra that has little pink stars and sparkles. I have on the matching panties and yes hello kittie is on them 😉 I have on a white garter and white stockings. I look beyond sexy but so innocent. My breathing is making my breasts swell up. You get off the bed and with the back of your finger you stroke down the top of my soft tits. You push your face between them and inhale. I kiss your neck and lick your ear and nibble. Somehow you’re naked in an instant. You try to maneuver yourself over me on the bed, but I gain the upper hand and settle myself between your legs. I tease at your cock and ass and finally commit my mouth to your body. You grab your bed and try to settle the urge to cum.

I am relentless in my attack. You blow a huge load into my mouth and fall flat. Feeling victorious I crawl up next to you and say I just had to do that. Which I did. I HAD to. I thought about it so long I needed to do it. Time slips on and we cuddle and talk. The entire time your fingers play on my body like kids at play ground. Dancing all over my skin. Making me shiver. Lighting my bodies senses on fire. After time has passed by, your fingers slip into the wet Hello Kittie panties and tease me to no end. Please have some mercy for me….

Hope you want more and feel hard thinking about how I envision us having sex…



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