Who would have thought sex dolls could be so much fun?

Yesterday, I started telling you about my first experience with sex dolls.  I certainly didn’t expect to have a run-in with a sex doll, but what an interesting evening we had.  When we left off, I had just discovered that my fuck buddy, Andy, was fucking the shit out of his rubber girlfriend, and I laughed, loudly.  Which, of course, he heard.

He stopped dead in his tracks pushing his latex lover onto the floor and throwing the blankets over her.  “Who’s there?”  he called out as he started stumbling around his bedroom throwing clothes on.

“Don’t bother hiding the evidence or getting dressed,” I said as I stepped around the corner of the door still giggling.  He turned beet red and sheepishly sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” through fits of giggles.  He buried his face in his hands “Stop, Noelle.  Can you not give me shit about this, please?”  He said, muffled against his fingers.

He was so embarrassed, but I was so ridiculously curious

I walked over to her and pulled the blankets off of her.  Now that I had a closer look at her, I could appreciate how beautifully realistic she was.  I picked her up and sat her down on the bed, and started running my fingers over her faux flesh.  I was amazed how much it felt like real skin.  When my hands met her ample bosom, they felt soft and pliable.  Then I began kneading them in my hands.  I looked back at Andy.  He was sitting staring at me, slack-jawed, cock in hand.

I smiled at him and whispered “I always thought we should have a threesome”

Do you have your own ideas about the fun we could have with sex dolls?  Give me a call for naughty phonesex fun!

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