Daddy & His Realistic Sex Doll

I found a sex doll is Daddy’s closet! I know, why would I be snooping in there, right? A few nights ago I was trying to sleep when I heard some moaning. Daddy and I live alone and I knew he didn’t bring anyone home. It was the kind of moaning a man makes when he is fucking. When the weekend came I took my chance and started snooping in his room. That’s when I found her. The doll was gorgeous, I know, she’s just a sex doll. She was very realistic, perfect round tits, smooth tight pussy. She was everything any men wanted, or any bi-curious teen like me needed. Then I had an idea.

I came back into Daddy’s room with a strap on pink dildo. A friend of mine had given it to me in the hopes that I would give it a try. I mean, she didn’t say she had to be wearing it. As the doll was laying on the floor I strapped the big dildo on her. Weirdly enough, she even felt real. Her skin was soft. Daddy’s doll and I were going to have a great time. As I straddled her and started pushing down on the plastic dick I couldn’t help myself but squeeze her big full tits. That alone almost made me have an orgasm. I started riding her hard and fast. It felt so good and every time I opened my eyes and looked into her I got even more turned on. No wonder Daddy was making all those noises. She was perfect!

Before I knew I had came a few times but I want it more.

I kept riding her and my pussy juices were now dripping down on her. It was pure ecstasy and then I felt something in my mouth. I was so into it, I started sucking it immediately. The big cock was dripping pre-cum straight into my mouth and that’s when I opened my eyes. It was Daddy but that didn’t stop me. I sucked Daddy’s big cock and I kept riding his doll. I still needed more. After getting his cock all slippery wet I begged for him to fuck me in the ass. I wanted to be double stuffed. He kneeled down behind me and pressed his dick in my tight asshole. Daddy knew best, that is exactly what I needed.

After having my two holes filled it was Daddy’s turn to fuck her. I wanted to watch him do it too. I took off the strap on from her and Daddy moved her up to the bed. Daddy fucked her little pussy as I watched and played with myself. There was no lube needed as I laid on top of her to suck and spit on Daddy’s cock like a good little slut should. Once Daddy was ready to cum I told him I want it him to shoot his load into my mouth. He had a better idea though. Daddy came all over his sex doll’s perfect tits and like a good girl I licked it all up.

That night Daddy made me his little fuck doll and used my holes even though he already had a sex doll of his own.

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