Here’s a real story about the time I was made into a sex doll!

Decided to venture out sexually and agreed to be a sex doll. I had no idea what was coming, but that was the intrigue of it all. I was stripped naked and bound, tied to a chair. My feet are tied to the legs, forcing them slightly apart. I’m aware that my most intimate areas can be seen. A rope goes around my body, just under my breasts and around the chair, securing me. My hands are behind my back, tied at the wrists and a blindfold covers my eyes.

I can hear someone breathing. I can hear movement. Someone is circling me, taking in the sight before them. Then I feel a hand move down my shoulder and cup my bare breast. It moves to the other breast then pain shoots through me as the nipple is twisted and pinched. Both my nipples become hard and erect. I already feel my pussy getting wet, my lips are puffy and aroused. Lips caress the back of my neck, kissing lightly, barely touching the skin.

A shiver runs through me, goosebumps erupt all over my body.

I hear whispering, by now I’m sure there must be more than one person here with me, but how many, I am not sure. Am I a show for many to see, and exhibit, a toy to be used and abused?  I start to quiver as I feel a hand between my legs, the palm pressing on my clitoris, making small circles. I feel a finger slip into my wetness and I gasp again as it pushed into me, then another, and another. Three fingers start to fuck me. They fill me, moving in and out. I start to respond and then, they’re gone, leaving me wanting more.

My head is taken with two hands and I feel something pressed to my mouth. I open it and I feel a hot cock slide in. I can feel the ridges and veins pass over my lips. Pre-cum leaks from it and I can taste the saltiness on my tongue. I run my tongue around the head and as more slides in, my whole mouth spread around the shaft until I gag as it hits the back of my throat. It withdraws a bit, allowing me to continue.

The hands are still gripping my head and the cock starts to fuck my mouth.

It gets faster and faster as my mouth is being fucked hard. Without warning cum shoots out, filling my mouth, hot cum slides down my throat. That cock is withdrawn and another cock takes its place, my face is being fucked again. This cock is fatter and longer. The face fucking continues, hard and rough, pounding the back of my throat until it is pulled out and hot and sticky cum hits my face. I now feel the rope around my chest being undone. My feet are released and I’m being helped to my feet then I am guided to a bed and made to kneel on it.

My face is put down on the bed and my ass is up and exposed. I feel hands caressing the heart shape of my ass, as fingers are suddenly pushed into my exposed pussy. Then I feel more hands, I’m not sure how many but it felt so good I responded by pushing back against them. I can feel warm oil dripping onto my ass now, then a wet finger starts to prod at my puckered asshole. It pushes in, then another, working the oil into my tight hole spreading as they are inserted and retracted over and over.

I feel the head of a cock rub up and down my wet slit, stretching the lips open.

Then it slides in, filling my tight pussy, fucking me. My pussy was wet and eager as the cock pumped in and out of me. I can feel the stickiness of his balls slapping against me as I’m pounded. The cock stops and slowly it’s pulled out. I feel it press against my asshole. So I pull forward trying to resist, but, it enters me, stretching me open, causing me to cry out in pleasure. I feel something hot on my lips now, an erect cock. I open my mouth and it’s in, fucking my mouth. Then I feel another cock behind me, pushing into my pussy hole. Three cocks fucking me hard, filling me, pounding me.

Suddenly all three cocks are withdrawn and I’m flipped onto my back. Hot cum is sprayed all over my body. My mouth is forced open and cum fills it, it runs across my tongue to the back of my mouth as I’m swallowing. Then I hear a door shut as I am left alone laying thinking; the hottest night of my life, I was a sex doll and I loved it.

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