Have You Heard of a Sex Doll Brothel? 

They are the next big trend in the sex industry. I know sex dolls have been around for many years but these are different. These new dolls are extremely life-like, they look and feel like a real woman. I, of course, am very curious about the unconventional, so I had to go to a Sex Doll Brothel for myself to see the dolls in person. 

I found a website that advertised the most life-like dolls in the industry and emailed them. The owner made me fill out an application and even send a picture before she would approve the appointment. She refused to disclose the location to me. She said the brothel was very controversial and city officials were trying to get the industry banned. This intrigued me even more. 

I waited outside of the coffee shop just like she requested and a black van pulled up next to me, right on time. I got in but I felt nervous now. The driver barely said a word to me except to instruct me to put on the blindfold. After what seemed like a very long ride we finally arrived at the Sex Doll Brothel. 

Inside the Sex Doll Brothel

Once inside, I was finally able to take off the blindfold and an older woman was standing in front of me smiling. I was in what looked like the lobby of a boutique hotel with comfortable plush furniture. She asked me to sit and poured me a cup of tea. She asked me questions about why I was curious about the industry as I politely drank my tea. To be honest, it tasted a little strange and she was a very odd person but it was such an ordeal to get there I wasn’t going to back out.

Finally, I was able to finish my tea and as soon as I did the woman jumped up and said she would give me a tour. I was excited now to finally be able to see and touch the dolls. As we walked she explained that each room had a unique doll inside. The customers went online to choose which doll they would like to have fun with and were booked in that room. “He can do whatever he pleases with his girl. Nothing is off-limits”, she said with a smile as we entered the room. 

The Sex Doll

There on the bed was a sex doll so realistic that I thought we had barged into someone’s room accidentally. But, she sat so still I knew she couldn’t be real. I approached the petite brunette doll posed seductively on the bed in a skimpy white dress. Her arm felt a little like silicone but so realistic. I touched her face and squeezed her mouth, it opened naturally. Then, I couldn’t help it, I lifted her skirt to see her pussy. I rubbed the silky soft skin and let my fingers glide down and enter her pussy. It actually felt warm and slick. Having my way with this extremely realistic doll was really turning me on. I started considering renting a room myself but then I started feeling a little bit dizzy so I sat on the bed.

“Better than you imagined?” the woman asked. 

“Definitely”, I responded trying to take deep breaths and steady myself.

 “Well, I hope you don’t mind,” she went on, “I wanted you to have the full experience. It looks like it’s kicking in now.” 

“What do you mean, what’s kicking in?” I asked, panicking a bit now. 

“The tea,” she laughed, “it’s how I make my sex dolls.”

Just then my entire body felt unreal, it stiffened like silicone, I couldn’t move. I saw my reflection in the mirror across the room- I was a sex doll!!

Turned into a Sex Doll

She hexed me! I was filled with fear but I couldn’t move or speak, so I just tried to calm down. 

“Don’t worry,” she said as she began to undress me, “it’s only until midnight then it will wear off. I saw your picture and knew I would make a ton of money off that figure! You’re already fully booked for the rest of the night. Back to back bookings,” she cackled like your typical villain.  

“That’s how the dolls are so realistic, they are real!” I could only scream in my head. She posed my body partially covered by a sheet as if I was sleeping completely nude on the bed, just waiting for my man to come and find me. Then she dragged the other doll out of the room and told me to wait patiently for my first customer, as if I had a choice. 

My First Customer

My first customer entered the room, after undressing quickly he threw the sheet off my body. “Wow, it’s so real,” he whispered to himself. Then he touched every inch of my body. He lingered at my DD tits, squeezing and sucking until he had a raging hard-on. Then he grabbed my ankles and held them next to my head as he plowed into my pussy first, then my ass. I could feel everything, every inch of him thrusting inside me as I lay there motionless. But, inside I was screaming with pleasure. I was totally at his mercy, it was a thrill to be completely out of control, he could do anything to me.

Over the next four hours, I lost count of all the men that fucked me. I was put in nearly impossible positions, spanked, tied up, and deepthroated farther down my throat then I could ever physically do. Being forced to play out all the fantasies that these men couldn’t have in real life was a turn on, I loved it. Relinquishing control, even though it wasn’t by choice, was so hot, it was one of the best sex nights of my life.   

Back in My Real Body

I was back in my real body right at midnight as promised. The owner sat next to me on the bed. “The customers loved you. One of them even wanted to buy you”, she laughed. “If I wasn’t such a nice person I would give you a permanent hex.” Needless to say I got out of there as fast as I could. Even though I got a lot of pleasure being at the mercy of others, I didn’t want to risk being a permanent doll at the Sex Doll Brothel. I’ll work that kink out in other ways.     


Would you visit a Sex Doll Brothel? Let’s have hot phone sex and talk about all the things you would do if I was your doll.