Do you love sleeping completely nude?

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “I only wear Chanel No. 5 to bed”, I too only sleep in the nude. Although, I prefer Dior to Chanel. I guess busty blonde bombshells tend to think alike. It’s not only sexy and very convenient if you know what I mean, it turns out there is a lot of science to back up why sleeping completely nude is good for your health. So, while I have been doing it because it makes me feel sexy, I have also been reaping some great benefits too. 

I’ve learned that when you sleep in the buff your body temperature cools and enables you to fall asleep faster. And, falling asleep faster obviously means better quality of sleep. That’s good because I’m a big believer in beauty sleep; I need my eight hours a night! 

Naked snoozing is also supposed to be good for skin health, which is great because who doesn’t love silky skin? I think my perfectly smooth skin is one of my best assets. I know you’d love to run your hands all over this body! Feeling my silky sheets all over my naked skin is the main reason I started sleeping completely nude. It’s the best feeling and it makes me feel so sensual and sexy. Not to mention it feels freeing, there’s no cumbersome clothing twisting around you while you’re trying to drift off to sleep. 

Another benefit is it boosts self-esteem and relationships. Well, I’m sorry but, duh. Spending time naked definitely helps you get comfortable in and with your body, and love it. And of course, sleeping completely nude next to your lover will improve your relationship! That falls into my sexy reasons for sleeping completely nude. 

The Sexy Benefits

I don’t know about you, but I often have wild sex dreams and wake up in the morning or the middle of the night with the urge to finish what was started. When you’re already naked that becomes so convenient. All I have to do is spread my legs, reach down, and start rubbing my clit. My pussy is, of course, already wet and ready for my fingers to enter. I lay there with my eyes still closed, still thinking about my sex dream and fantasize about how it ends. I’m already halfway there so I cum easily but it leaves me breathless. I know how to love myself the best, after all. I usually drift back into a glorious sleep and wake up feeling so refreshed. 

But, the best benefit of all has to be sleeping completely nude with your lover. Whether, they are a one-night stand or you’re in a relationship, it’s always hot. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t love waking up in bed next to me and being able to reach over and feel my naked body. Middle of the night sex is so steaming hot!

Middle of the Night Sex

I love feeling for my partner in the middle of the night and finding a semi-stiff cock almost ready to go. If I want to all I have to do is wrap my lips around his cock and it’s on. 

But what I really enjoy, is when my man gets turned on in the middle of the night and I wake to find him eating out my sweet pussy under the sheets. He didn’t even need to undress me, I’m just there for the taking. Then he slips himself inside my silky wet pussy while I’m still half asleep and it feels like I’m in a blissful lucid dream state. He sucks my nipples while he penetrates deep inside me and I thrust back, needing every inch of him.

He can’t take the tightness surrounding his cock and he cums deep inside my pussy. But, I didn’t cum yet and he’s a thoughtful lover. So he goes down and licks my cream pie, flicking my clit with his tongue until I cum while holding his head down between my open legs. We both are blissfully exhausted and lay back, falling asleep quickly and soundly.  


Wouldn’t you love to wake up to me, naked in your bed? 

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