Have you ever experienced a lucid dream state?

I’ve been hearing a lot about this new wellness center that boasts new cutting edge technology. It has really piqued my interest. It’s called The Polaris Dream Center and they specialize in dreams, or rather putting you in a controlled lucid dream state in which you have complete control over your environment. Once you are in the dream, everything seems absolutely real. Differentiating between reality and the dream is impossible. 

When you awake from the lucid dream state, you are supposed to feel as though you’ve had a full night’s sleep even though the session only lasts an hour. Not only is your brain fully rested but meanwhile you get to live out whatever scenario you desire. You can create experiences that are impossible or improbable in real life. That’s the real appeal to me. 

It sounds a little crazy but it also fascinates me. Of course, I had to give it a try. I deserve a little me time after planning your ultimate girlfriend experience, after all. So, I made an appointment. The anticipation was killing me. I couldn’t sleep the night before thinking of all the different kinky fetishes I could try. 

The Polaris Dream Center

I arrived at The Polaris Dream Center with butterflies in my stomach. The young blonde receptionist greeted me and immediately led to me through a long hallway. I was taken to a private room and told to have a seat in what looked like a leather dentist’s chair. “The doctor will be with you in a moment,” she said, leaving me alone briefly. 

The doctor asked typical medical questions then confirmed I was, “ready to dream.” A renewed nervousness returned in my belly. “Just relax,” she said as she placed electrodes on my temples. Then she strapped my wrists to the chair with velcro strips I hadn’t noticed before. She must have noticed my puzzlement because she said, “It’s just for your safety.” She moved to the back of the chair, it reclined slowly to a more comfortable position. Then I heard the slight hum of a small electric charge.

“Now, I want you to close your eyes and count down from 10.” I took a deep breath and started, “10, 9…”  An electric jolt ran through my entire body and my body stiffened but I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. I saw brief flashes of white lights, then complete darkness before suddenly realizing I was in a blank white room. I say blank because I didn’t perceive any walls or floor, just white vastness in every direction. Then suddenly, in the distance, I saw a figure approaching me. 

How to Dream 

As she got closer, I realized it was the receptionist that greeted me earlier. She smiled and stood before me. She spoke in a slightly robotic tone, “Hello Carmen. Don’t be afraid. My name is Ana and I am here to guide you through your first session. In your lucid dream state, you are in complete control of your environment. Whatever you imagine becomes a reality. There’s no need to speak, simply think what you want to manifest. Let’s test it. I want you to think of a pink bunny.” 

Just as I imagined in my mind, a pink bunny appeared in front of me immediately. “Very good,” Ana said, “Now if at any point in your lucid dream state you would like to stop the process simply lookup. You will see the night sky and the north star will be shining brightly. Continue to stare up at that star and you will come out of the lucid dream state. You are now ready to create your reality. Happy dreaming.”

Happy Dreaming

Ana vanished and I remained in the blank white room. First, I wanted to create a new environment because this one was just creepy. I imagined being on a beach in Hawaii, the warm sun beaming down on my bare skin and I was there. Everything felt so real! Completely alone, I surrounded by lush greenery and the ocean roaring in front of me. I looked down to confirm that I was completely naked, just as I imagined.

Then I imagined I was a hot stud of a man and there I was, rippling with muscles and a twelve-inch cock. This was fun! Stroking my rock hard cock felt incredible. I wanted to put it in something. The first person I could think of was the young little receptionist. And there she stood in an impossibly tiny red bikini. She stared at me seductively. I approached her, picking her up and she wrapped her legs around me. We kissed passionately and her bikini disappeared. I plowed all twelve inches deep inside of her and she moaned wildly. She felt incredibly tight and wet. I felt such power and pleasure; I could get used to this. 

After I came inside her she vanished again and I returned to my naked body. Now, I wanted to try something unusual, something I could never experience in real life. I have, after all, fucked with my strap-on. 

Freaky Tentacle Sex

I suddenly thought of freaky tentacle sex I’ve seen in Japanese Hentai animated porn. Everything around me turned to bright colorful animation, even myself. Then an enormous octopus came out of the ocean and rushed at me. I instinctively screamed and ran the other direction.

It quickly caught up to me wrapping all of its tentacles around my legs and arms and suspending me in the air. It was thrilling, I was completely at the mercy of this giant beast. Then two slippery, cock-like tentacles slithered slowly up my thighs and made their way to my smooth pussy. They both slipped inside, penetrating me deeply and rhythmically thrusting. Two other tentacles wrapped around my breasts and between my massive cleavage. Then another entered my ass and I screamed with incredible pleasure. Another tentacle forced itself inside my mouth and gagged me as it went deep down my throat. My body pulsed as I was being penetrated in every possible way. My eyes rolled back as I came over and over again. 

Then, suddenly I was back in The Polaris Dream Center waking up slowly from my lucid dream state.  I really did feel as though I had been asleep for hours. Not only that I had just had multiple orgasms from incredible tentacle sex! I will definitely be coming back for more. 


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