AS the Sex Demon Lord steps slowly from the shadows, his hoofed feet echoing against the stone floor; his tail swaying from side to side.  That’s when he peers down at his gift.  The edges of his mouth curve up.  She will do nicely, he thinks to himself – very nice indeed.

(from Demonic Fantasy Sex Story (PT 1): The Night of the Ritual is Upon Us. . . }

And now PT 2:

As the Demon comes closer to survey the morsel that has been placed before him, the others step back slowly, heads bowed, continuing their chants.  He makes his way around the stone altar until he is standing by her head.  She is in disbelief, can this actually be happening?  She closes her eyes, hoping that she will wake from this cruel dream.

He chuckles to himself as she cringes.  He bends down close to her ear, shushing her softly, his voice gruff, but oddly soothing, telling her that she is magnificent and that all will be all right – she gives into his hypnotic words.  She relaxes under the feel of his hot breath.

He strokes her hair as he brings his mouth down onto an open wound on her breast.  Sweet ecstasy he thinks to himself.  He drinks deeply.  Her head swoons. She loses herself to the sensation of his lips pressed against her open flesh, drinking her in.  Her hips begin to move slowly, thrusting gently forward, as though they had a mind of their own.  She can no longer deny the stirring that is happening within her loins.  A moan escapes from her lips.

The Sex Demon Lord teeters at the cusp of dark, erotic hunger

He will not deny himself any longer.  The Hellish Lord climbs upon her, positioning himself between her wanting legs.  His demonic appendage between his legs is not like that found between men’s. Its girth is that of a man’s closed fist. Its length is that which is found on a stud horse.  With one deep thrust, he rips his way into her waiting pussy.

She screams, in a mixture of both pain and rapture.  To be filled so utterly is something she has never experienced.  She can feel herself being ripped inside, the blood beginning to flow from within.

He is unrelenting, pushing deeper and harder with each thrust; finding his way into places that have never been explored before.  She meets each intrusive thrust with her hips.  An animalistic desire has taken her over.  She wants more, no matter the pain.  She moans more, more.

Her primal needs feed the Sex Demon Lord, as well as our onlookers

He is pleased with her lusty pleas, and he obliges.  His tail snakes down between his legs, finding its way, not to her already filled cunt, but to her brown sphincter.  It darts about, and then stabs her tight asshole, like a cobra striking its prey.  She squeals at the new intrusion to her body, it explores every inch of her brown canal, and then settles into a rhythm, fucking her ass as vigorously as its cohort.

The onslaught to both her entries is more than she can take.  Her back arches as she has wave after wave of orgasmic pleasures. This feeds his lust, and he pounds her faster, harder, mercilessly.  Her blood and cum mix together, flowing freely from her body.  She screams as the sex demon lord reaches his climax, exploding, filling her with his demon seed; it feels as though it is burning her from within.  Then she suddenly goes limp, passing out from both the pain and the pleasures bestowed upon her.

She has been given the ultimate gift – the honor of carrying his demon seed as it grows deep within her fertile loins.

With the successful demonic impregnation, The Demon Ritual is complete as well as our demonic fantasy sex story … for now…

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