Our Demonic Fantasy Sex Story Begins as The Full Moon Rises – Tonight is the Night.

One could feel the dark energy fill the open room as the group gathers. They anxiously await the guest of honor.  Hunger fills them in anticipation. They can’t seem to wait to have their demonic fantasy sex story come to life before their very eyes. The altar is set, and the candles and torches are lit.  Then they hear them approach.  The quiet rustling of the robes.  The sound of their feet against the stone floor echoes down the hallway into the chamber – but not hers. Hers are bare and silent against the cold and damp stone.

She is blindfolded and is guided forward.  You can see her nervousness grow as her ample breasts heave with each quickened breath.

Her guide whispers in her ear, comforting her, telling her that she, above all others, has been granted a great honor – to be the consort to their Demon Lord. He pats her hand gently, reassuring her. That’s when they enter the chamber and the chanting begins.

At the same time, the crowd parts for them as they approach the altar.  You can see the lust growing in their eyes with each ritualic chant is spoken. They know what’s to come, and their hunger grows with each step she takes as well. That’s when two others come forward and help her onto the cold, stone slab.  Her white, gauze gown drapes the sides of the table.  The assistants place her wrists in the waiting straps.  They place her ankles in straps as well, parting her legs in the process.

Her trepidation rises as our demonic ritual starts to truly come to life

Her guide then steps behind the altar, and into the role of the narrator of our demonic fantasy sex story. He picks up the blade that has been placed there for him.  It is an old friend and rests comfortably in his hand.

He then removes the blindfold from the girl who lies stretched out before him.  As he bends down, he whispers in her ear, “I want you to see everything that is going to happen to you”.

He then takes the knife and cuts away the girl’s gown, exposing her swollen breasts, her erect nipples, her firm belly, and her bare mound of womanhood.  That’s when the reality hits her and the fear inside her grows.  She squirms as the all-consuming trepidation overwhelms her, fighting against the straps. But the perfume that rises from her parting pussy gives her away – the fear of what is to come arouses her, making her wet and readying her for what is to come next.

The chanting grows louder.  The onlookers’ appetites grow in anticipation.  They know what is to come next.

The leader takes the knife and begins to make shallow cuts to the girl’s arms, breasts, and torso.  She screams with each stroke of the knife.  Then the blood starts to flow.

Consequently, the robed followers begin to form a line to the altar.  As each one approaches, they press their lips to an open wound, drinking deeply, swallowing greedily at the river of crimson life that has been bestowed upon them. The sight resembles a vore fantasy story.

As the chanting grows in volume, a shadow stirs from the corner.  For all of this is for his benefit…his glory… his pleasure.

This is the moment – the moment where the veil between a demonic fantasy sex story and a true demon ritual melts away

Without any further delay, the Sex Demon Lord steps slowly from the shadows, his hoofed feet echoing against the stone floor, and his tail swaying from side to side.  He peers down at his gift.  The edges of his mouth curve up.  She will do nicely, he thinks to himself – very nice indeed.

But this is only the beginning of how our demonic fantasy sex story comes to life…

. . . to be continued . . .


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