You didn’t think one evening of sex chat could get you into so much trouble.

When you came over to my parent’s house for their weekly poker game, you never thought you would end up having a hot sex chat with their daughter. You can still remember all the sexy sex quotes you sent. You were trying to be discrete about it, but I saw you look me up and down when I was wearing my short mini skirt. I was young, and you knew it was bad, but you couldn’t help but sneak a few glimpses. After all, I was just prancing around the house in barely any clothes on.

You start drinking, and my parents won’t let you drive home in your condition. So they put you in the guest bedroom downstairs next to mine. When they go upstairs to go to sleep, I slip into your room while you are in the shower. When you enter the room, you find me sitting on the bed. I am not wearing anything at all, except for my pink bathrobe.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” I say smiling.

You are very nervous and stop in your tracks. Before you are able to answer, I get up and walk over to you. I stand on my tip toes and whisper into your ear, “I’m horny and I want you to fuck me. If you don’t I will tell my parents that you came on to me”. You are taken back from my threat of blackmail. Before you can respond to me, I start to pull the towel off your waist. Your cock is throbbing rock hard. I knew you would enjoy this, even if you were hesitant at first. I knew that I wanted you since I saw your eyes focused on my ass, barely able to hide it from my parents. Tonight is just the beginning, and I have plans for us to go all night long.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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