Sex Chat Can Lead To All Kinds Of Wonderful Things

One of the things I love most about my job is watching guys masturbate on cam for me. It really gets me aroused. I’m touching myself right along with the guys as they are masturbating, I am too. Sex chat can lead to all kinds of wonderful things like this. One of my regular callers loves long calls, he loves to edge himself for a long time.  Slowly and gently teasing his lubed up cock and bringing himself right to the edge of orgasm and back again. He has a nice, big cock and is totally shaved and smooth, making it look even bigger. And I can see how his balls tighten up with cum as he gets closer and closer to cumming and squirting his load.

Watching Him Using Toys Makes Me So HornyC.J. LOVES SEX SHAT

He’s done all kinds of things on cam. One thing he likes to do is use his Fleshlight toy for me. He tells me he wishes it was my pussy he was fucking as he moves it up and down his shaft. I tell him I’m stroking my pussy as I watch him use his toy on himself and am so horny. I love seeing his big cock get so rock hard for me.

He loves to take one fingertip and circle it lightly around the head of his cock. He then taste the drops of sweet precum, and then glide his hand up and down, smoothing it all over his cock. And it looks so big and up close on the screen, I could almost reach over and lick it. I can hear his hard breathing and know how aroused he’s getting at our naughty sex chat as we masturbate together. I can hear the slick wetness sounds of his fist pumping his cock up and down so fast. His hand is all but a blur, as is mine as I rub my clit hard and fast so we can cum together.

I Watch Them Grow So Big And Hard

He explodes and drains his balls for me and I cum upon seeing him explode. I have several guys that we do this. And it’s always fun to get them to turn themselves on. Knowing I’m watching their cocks get bigger and harder. Some like to also play with their nipples or even use some prostate massagers as they masturbate. There’s lots more guys using those toys than you would imagine. The buzzing of the toy inside of them at the same time they are stroking their cock really gives them a double pleasure sensation.

Sex Chat On Cam Is The Best

Watching guys on cam as we do a call is so much better than just watching porn. It’s exciting to see them touch themselves and know I’m the reason for that. The sex chat we share goes over and above what a regular call does. Watching them takes things to a whole other intimate level between the two of us. My pussy just starts to get wet when one you naughty boys asks if I will watch you as you get off, I know it’s always going too be a sexy time for the both of us.

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