Sex And The City – Sex In A Glass Elevator

Sex And The City – One of my best male friends divorce was about to be final the next day.  So we went out to celebrate for a night on the town. Dancing it up and his other friend showed up. Getting down and dirty rocking it on the floor all three of us. A guy with his date loved our show so much.  He ordered a round of drinks for the whole audience while we danced the moment away.

Breathless we left and went to the elevator to leave.

The friend of my friend worked there and knew exactly which elevator to get into and which button to push so it wouldn’t sound any alarms.

There I was. Horny. Two willing men at my whim.

I dropped to my knees like any horndog bitch would do – the elevator could land anywhere at any time, and it was glass so the whole world could see.

Hard cock in my mouth and one pulling up my dress and pushing in me as we rode up and down in the elevator.

Pumping in my mouth and up my wet cunt. Mind racing. Is this really happening right now? In a glass elevator? OH MY GOD… YESSSSS!

I tasted his hot creamy cum down my throat.  Drinking it greedily. His friend kept pumping my pussy as I leaned back into him begging. Literally begging for him. All of that hot dancing and knowing that this was a means to an end for him with his marriage and that I will continue to fuck him over and over again. Wherever. Whenever.

I felt him thrust hard where I thought he might split me in half and empty his huge load of creamy, hot, cum deep inside of me.

Legs shaking, while I tried to adjust my clothes so we could get off the elevator and on to the next stop.

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