Sex And The City – Newly Divorced Man Part Two

Sex And The City – After fucking both guys in the elevator we went down the street to a nightclub.  I was tired after all that action and was half passed out in the back seat.  One of them crawled on top of me smelling of liquor and such and I don’t even want to know stink.  Woke me up, slapping my face and telling me to take his dick in my mouth while another guy pushed up my skirt and shoved his hard drunken cock inside of me.

  My head was spinning with everything that was happening to me.

Heard the car door open and AIR.  Thank GOD!  But no – another dick slapping against my face and a voice telling me to OPEN WIDE, BITCH.  Opened my eyes for a second and wished I wouldn’t have.  Fuck My Life.  I didn’t sign up for this shit.  Was just here for a newly divorced buddy and a good time on the dance floor and happened by chance in an elevator.  What The Fuck?  I was pinned down while every drunk asshole from the bar came out and fucked me while my head was hanging out the car door.  Then I puked and they didn’t even care, licking it off my face and hair and pounded me anyway.

I could hear them and feel them but couldn’t move.

Every time I tried to speak or move.  I had a cock rammed down my throat choking me and a voice telling me to “Take it, bitch!”  I thought I was going to die.  Or maybe I wanted to.  Just then my two friends from the elevator showed up and came to my rescue.  Or so I thought they did.  They scooped me up off the back seat and mounted me on the hood of the car and told the boys to go for it.  Held me down while I don’t even want to think about how many guys fucked me that night.  Somehow I got home and in bed and could hardly sit down for days.

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